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The Weedy Mead Chronicles 139 The Secret 5

ByTimothy Mead

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Since so-one reads the blurb, once they've realized there's no point, since it usually has nothing to do with anything, here's one of those semi-random snippets: Guilt is a sign that you have a sense of responsibility, and when you feel guilty it means that your sense of responsibility has decided that something is its business. And that is all it means. Most people, however, don’t know that, so they interpret it to mean that they are in the wrong, deserve to feel bad, and should do something to make things right. That’s if they think about it at all. But the hallmark of an emotion is that we don’t think about it. We just know what it says about us and about other people. Guilt puts you at a disadvantage in any relationship, including your relationship with yourself. You will meet plenty of people in your life who are in the habit of using guilt as a weapon to control and manipulate other people. If you are a good person, or even just a normal person, you are a sitting duck for this.


Publication Date
Dec 11, 2017
Personal Growth
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By (author): Timothy Mead


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