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Ukrainian Bell Carol - Stomp Style (Grade 1)

ByTimothy Stafford

I have always enjoyed playing in percussion ensembles and I have always introducing event the youngest players to the wonderful world of Percussion Ensembles. It is a match that always produces great chemistry. This piece is really a grade one piece, but the Xylophone part would be usable with a grade three player. It is a bit difficult even for a more skilled beginner. However, the remaining parts are easily accessible by just about any level of player. This is a “Stomp Style” piece, but the technical aspects need to take precedence over any choreography, although this adds a great deal of depth to a piece like this. I have included all of the parts, so feel free to copy them for your students. Contact me with any suggestions or for ideas for other pieces, I would love to help your students any way that I can. Blessings! Tim Stafford [email protected]


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
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By (author): Timothy Stafford



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