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If women are always right, Why do they keep picking the wrong men?

ByTJ Clemons

Explicit Content
This is the age old question. It is said that women are looking for “Bad Boys”. These men are mostly considered “ladies men” or “players”. These men are often emotionally unavailable and often state that they are not seeking any other type of a relationship beyond a physical one with no strings attached. Women will often agree to the terms of the “no strings attached friends with benefits” aspect of the relationship with the hopes of winning him over or somehow trapping him into an affiliation at some point in the future. Some women will even go to the lengths of trying to either fake a pregnancy or having his baby with the hopes of the end result of creating an instant family which will ultimately lead to their happily ever after fairy tale. This is a scenario which often backfires. Even if it ends up leading to a relationship it often won’t last because both parties need to be on the same page and in agreement with their relationship status. This often leads to the man be labeled as the dreaded baby father from hell. You cannot just create an instant family out of thin air. It just doesn’t happen that easily. But this happens over and over without fail. Women are often bold emotional creatures who want what they want even if it is not in their best interest to do so. They will plot and plan an entire marriage without the consent of the male participant. They may even try to rebuild a man that they find in a correctional instruction. The current trend is to find a man addicted to drugs and try to rescue him from his addiction with their love and affection. This quite possibly might work but the odds of this happening is almost zero percent. I don’t blame them for trying but realistically they are setting themselves up for failure. This is a topic that I have been looking forward to talking about for a long time and it will always be relevant. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this book and it's definitely a must read. I'm looking for good things to come from this title. Hopefully it becomes a best seller. I put a lot into it as I do for every one of my books but this one is definitely special. I dug real down deep on this one so enjoy if you are interested in this topic of conversation!


Publication Date
Dec 11, 2021
Social Science
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): TJ Clemons



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