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If your woman is paying all the bills then it is your role to scream during sex?

ByTJ Clemons

Explicit Content
This is an effort to examine relationship roles and to challenge the norms in our society. This is a very hot topic in America today. Women are making more money and they have taken the role of the provider in many homes. They are more dominant and often pay all of the household bills. This shift in power has also affected their role in the bedroom. They wanted to be treated with more respect and power as head of the home and they also want their sexual fantasies fulfilled as the overriding ruler of the decision-maker. Men are taking on more tradition female roles in the family. They are cooking and in charge of childcare while women are out there making the money. Does the shift of power allow them to take control over what happens in the bedroom as well? As the self-proclaimed bread winner do they deserve the same sexual power a man in the same role as the man of the house? Most agree that they should and their male partners should become submissive and play the weaker role in the relationship. In America money equals power. So by that rule alone they deserve to dominate and dictate their sexual prowess. It is only natural in the world of Mother Nature that they will become the sexual aggressor. These alpha females are being heard loud and clear. They work hard for their money and have earned their right to complete satisfaction.


Publication Date
Dec 17, 2021
Social Science
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By (author): TJ Clemons



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