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Let Me Tell You Exactly Why Side Chicks Are Winning

ByTJ Clemons

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This will always be a trending topic. I have my own personal views on this subject that I plan on sharing in full detail. Because many women have experienced the effects of the other women destroying their live sand marriages they may not take an objective view. I completely understand and will whole heartedly be sympathetic and take their feelings into consideration. There is obviously at least 3 sides to the story of a love triangle and I intend to give all of their perspectives a thorough evaluation. This will get complex but I will break it down into small portions so that everyone can digest it from their own individual levels of comprehension. So let’s take a journey into the realm of the realities of getting caught up in a love TKO. It is my opinion that serious committed unions are a product of the individuals involved. Meaning that you can only get out of a relationship what you put into it. It is a work in progress. Some members wake up late,never show up on time, and don’t put any work into it at all. While others clock in early, be productive, and show pride in their accomplishments. It is a team concept. The goal is to build a solid team that can overcome all of the obstacles put before them. It is never easy and full of all of the challenges that life has to offer. There is beauty in taking on these encounters as a fully functional unit and working as couple to take on the world while becoming a championship caliber contender. This just doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of getting to know each other intimately and intensely. Here is where things get even more complicated. When another man or woman gets added to the equation. For the purpose of this conversation we are going to discuss the other women which is commonly referred to as a side dish. She is an unwanted distraction to the female participant in this scenario because it was never her intention to share him with another member of the female persuasion or be replaced by her for that matter. Her introduction was unwanted and unnecessary. She can only cause a separation or destruction of the entire structure that you worked diligently in building with him. The competitive nature is alive and transforming the entire concept of what was once a loving commitment into an Olympic event with several opposing forces. Some women concede and move on to the next admirer while others lock horns and duel for his affections.


Publication Date
Nov 30, 2021
Social Science
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By (author): TJ Clemons


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