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My side chick wants to have a baby with me even though she knows I have a stable family. What should I tell her? Volume 2

ByTJ Clemons

Explicit Content
This is the second installment in this book series discussing a very sensitive and relevant topic. These situations have been known to happen and will continually occur as long as married and attached men seek the affections of women outside of their relationship. These “other women” which are commonly recognized with the title of a side chick. These little tramps become attracted to how he treats the woman in his life and they fantasize about taking over her role as his wife and lover. They use sex to trap him and keep him coming back with the hopes of winning him over. This is a very calculated and manipulative act. They use sexual acts to create a bond and get him addicted to the satisfaction that he is getting from her. She will do any and everything to get him hooked to this treatment that he may not be receiving at home. She makes all of his sexual fantasies become a reality. She will cook him special meals and cater to his every desire. It may start off as a drama free no strings attached love affair. But over time it will develop into a loving relationship. This bond will produce a disconnection from reality and a separation from his wife or significant other. Now his side chick has him exactly where she wants him. She may have initially only be available as a distraction from the stress in his life but know that his physical needs are being met she wants to be the only woman in his life. She dreams about a future with the two of them together as husband and wife and starting a family together. Now that she is sexually sustaining his every erotic craving in her mind there is no need for him to stay with his wife. She is playing that role now and she wants his woman out of the picture. Now she has the power to create havoc in his life at any given moment. All she has to do now is plant the seed of total destruction by asking him to have a baby with her. He is already sexually addicted and longing for her intimate expertise. She plays the submissive role better than any actress. She wants to change positions now and she is auditioning for the starring role of your wife and the mother of your children. She was once a fun stress free playmate. Now she wants to be your one and only.


Publication Date
Dec 8, 2021
Parenting & Families
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): TJ Clemons



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