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These Married Men Be Interested In Everybody but Their Wives

ByTJ Clemons

Explicit Content
First of all I am looking forward to the comments and stories once I get moving in the right direction. This is something that I have been noticing more and more over the years. I’m not even sure how these married men have time to go to work because they seem to be the most active members in the dating world. What I do know is that I definitely don’t have enough disposable income to date as many women as I am finding out that some of these married men are actively pursuing. It is definitely a rich man’s sport. The other part of the scenario that I am interested in investigating is how they are able to keep this kind of information from their loving wives. This reminds me of a predator hunting for fresh meat in the wild. He knows exactly how to stalk his prey with the precision and accuracy of a well-trained sniper. Plus a lot of women have a natural attraction to married men. They find him intriguing and alluring like a cat with a shiny new toy when they see the illumination of his wedding ring. He then becomes the “target” of her sensual desires. She has studied his movements and made an intimate conclusion based on how he takes care of his wife and children that she is going to indulge herself with his level of male attentiveness and handling of her desires as a passionate adoring female vixen. This is a life changing decision so definitely proceed with caution because if his wife finds out then the level of drama in your life will increase exponentially. And you better be skilled in the art of hand to hand combat because a woman in her position will quite possibly throw hands. Now let the romantic gestures begin. I’m quite sure that at least a few of you have stepped up to the challenge of dating a married man. If so let me know how the experience made an impact on your “secret” liaison. Some women even prefer dating a man with a wedding ring. He obviously knows how to treat the members of the opposite sex. He is a skilled man in romantic affairs. And he knows his way around the bedroom. And now he is ready for an intimate partnership with the right female companion. And it turns you on the way that he makes you feel as a woman. The time and mood is just right for some mature next level love making that will secure your “secret” bond together like Gorilla Glue.


Publication Date
Dec 8, 2021
Parenting & Families
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By (author): TJ Clemons



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