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Why does it seem like so many men and women are in competition and playing games with each other?

ByTJ Clemons

Explicit Content
There is a very high probability that men and women may not smoothly get along based on the fact that they have a very different type of thought process. Then you start adding other factors and it can easily become a recipe for disaster. The way each of them handles their finances is a perfect example of how a disagreement can occur. We are different on many other levels including hormonal and emotional. Men are often problem solvers while women are often nurturers. These dynamics are small but they can make a big difference in many aspects of life. For example men often are expected to take on the role as a financial provider while women are often expecting to instinctually take on the caregiving roles of wives and mothers. Then you add on the outside pressures of society and your loving home can quickly turn into a battle ground of the sexes. It can even become even more complicated based on the various gender mixture and make up in the balance of every individual household. This can easily lead to a balance of power of one gender over the other making one more dominant over the other in the daily decision making aspects of their living conditions. Now that I have your attention I am ready to talk about this clash of the titans as men and women enter into the dating and relationship realm of their lives. The struggle for dominance naturally occurs in the process of self- preservation in the evolution of mankind as we continue into adult situations. I definitely enjoyed the direction that writing this literary work of art set me in. Enjoy the twists and various angles that this conversation takes. It definitely took a left turn into the realm of the reality of a very toxic real life relationship that we examine from the inside out and dissect it.


Publication Date
Nov 30, 2021
Parenting & Families
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By (author): TJ Clemons



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