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Who's A Celebrity Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2

Who's A Celebrity Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2

Ben Chai on the Cover

ByTMA Triumph

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Moving forward, the "Who's a Celebrity Magazine" will be blurring this divide, shining the light on the proper people with golden attributes. Honouring every worthy celebrity, it has nothing to do with their bank account, fame, social media followers and likes and such-like metrics. What you celebrate you attract. If we must build a group of people who care for others, a nation that stands tall and can support other nations in difficulty, then we must be deliberate and mindful of what we celebrate, and who we applaud 👏 I have seen, in my many years of experience working with people from diverse backgrounds and all works of life, people who go to bed genuinely burdened, and actively seeking solutions for the problems of others. To be clear, a celebrity can be famous, no doubt about that. But a famous person is not necessarily a celebrity. Here’s why. You can choose to be famous for anything, good or bad. I mean, if I chose to strip naked and go on my YouTube channel or any other social media platform, I bet that video will attract millions of viewers and likes. If I follow this path with another video, and continue repeatedly, I become famous and rich in no time. Endorsements fly my way and the world will suddenly consider me a celebrity. This is the wrong way to build a society, and I believe this magazine can lead the change to forging a new path forward.


Publication Date
Jul 24, 2022
Business & Economics
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By (author): TMA Triumph


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