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Patate Piccole

A Short Story - Written by Tom Salvatori

ByTom SalvatoriFlorence Lemay

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Short story about finding joy and being at peace when it comes time to hand your lifetime's work over to the next generation. Originally featured as the Introduction to the Tom Salvatori "A Lifetime in Music" Sheet Music Collection for Solo Guitar, Patate Piccole tells the tale, in parable form, of Salvatori preparing to hand off his guitar compositions to the next generations of guitarists as he plans for his retirement. The story unfolds on a terraced mountainside Vineyard in Northern Italy and follows two young brothers, Allegro and Adagio Chiave, as they are asked to harvest the potatoes in the family garden by their Mamma Melodia and Papa Basso. While returning home from the garden, the boys stop to say hello to their friendly old neighbor (Salvatori) passing by the Vineyard on the Old Viola Road. One of the brothers develops an interest in Salvatori's 'small potato' corner of the music world... Contributor Notes: 19 Pages - 2023 (C) Salvatori Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Available exclusively through Bookstore. Written by Tom Salvatori. Illustrations by Florence Lemay. Edited by Marisa Moreira Woehlert. Tom Salvatori (b.1958) has been quietly composing original instrumentals for the nylon string guitar in his own self-constructed corner of the music world for over fifty years. All told, Salvatori has composed, produced, and recorded 150+ guitar pieces, which have achieved over forty million streams and downloads across the digital service platforms to date. He is looking forward to the pleasant experience of sharing his 'small potatoes' with the next generation of nylon string guitarists during his retirement. Salvatori received a press review early in his composing career that described his work as being “...of the small potato variety.” Instead of feeling slighted, he embraced the style description and adopted it as a new nickname. It is likely that that comment stuck in his craw as unfinished business because decades later, ‘Patate Piccole’ came pouring out of just a couple hours! For Guitar CDs, Downloads, Sheet Music, and News Updates, visit For information about Illustrator Florence Lemay, visit


Publication Date
May 24, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Tom Salvatori, Illustrated by: Florence Lemay, Edited by: Marisa Moreira Woehlert


Coil Bound
Interior Color
Small Landscape (9 x 7 in / 229 x 178 mm)

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