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Essie: Lagacy of Essie Laraine Gines

ByToni Fabrizio Ogden

Essie Laraine Gines would have been 100-years-old September 13, 2011. This book, written by her granddaughter, Toni Ogden, celebrates her 86 years of life and her centennial birthday. Because there are only 34 years between Essie and Toni and because Essie lived a long, full life before passing away, they had time to develop a warm and loving relationship. Toni wanted to capture the essence of her unique grandmother, and share it in book format so that her posterity would come to know her stories and life and help her legacy live on. Essie’s story is one of tragedy and heartache that eventually leads to healing and redemption. Essie was a pioneer with courage; an individual who forged ahead with spirit, determin- ation, and the audacity to do what she wanted in spite of the consequences. She lived during a time of oppression, of survival, of simplicity, and of building. She is of a rare breed.


Publication Date
Sep 27, 2011
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Toni Fabrizio Ogden



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