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The Tao of Awe

The Tao of Awe

ByTony Kearney

Ever wondered why we have the ability to wonder? Or why we can be deeply moved by things? Or why we have the capacity to contemplate the meaning of our existence, and our place within the Universe? Just why is there something rather than nothing? And no doubt countless other questions. If so, then welcome to The Tao of Awe, a book that not only seeks to explore the quality of awe, but also endeavours to actively evoke it. So where do we find awe? Everywhere! Just look inside yourself and there you will surely find it. And then look outside and you will find it in all sorts of places that you may and may not have seen it before. It awaits patiently like a loyal friend for us to remove the fog of familiarity and ordinariness from our eyes and wake up to the magnificence and wonder that exits in the simple and the sublime from the workings of the atom to the beauty of the constellations in the sky.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
Personal Growth
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By (author): Tony Kearney



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