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The “People Power” Education Superbook: Book 9. Library Guide (Use a Library, World Library Websites)

ByTony Kelbrat

I was always a library guy. When I was a kid, I used to walk to the library with my friend Peggy McGraw. That was like 1969. I guess not many other guys were into libraries. I was athletic and normal. I wasn’t a nerd. I was so interested in life that I loved to read about inventors, fairy tales, electricity and all kinds of stuff. It was a part of my nature. I believe it’s normal to be curious, intellectual and creative. I love libraries and librarians. They’re some of the best people on the planet when you stop and think about it. The entire profession is to help people. Why did I write this book? I believe in education. This book is my tribute to libraries. It’s a library structure-framework book. The thing about most libraries is that they have some free information on their websites like local job resources but you still need a card to use their databases or borrow a book. Nowadays they're always busy because they got computers that people come into use.


Publication Date
Apr 7, 2014
Education & Language
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By (author): Tony Kelbrat



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