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The "People Power" Job Superbook: Book 1. the Eternal Quest (Pursue Financial Security or Meaningful Work? Get Real, I Need a Decent Job Now)

ByTony Kelbrat

I was a 30 year old yuppie with a good teaching job, some status, a mortgage on a house, a house full of furniture and a wardrobe of clothes and it was like so what. This is what I was brainwashed to buy into as the standard path to success but it meant nothing to me. Then I went through my bohemian phase and I realized that it's not much fun being a starving artist either if you're always worrying about being homeless. My final conclusion for most people though not me because I'm a desperado extremist by nature is even if you're not greatly in love with a certain occupation, get a practical skill that's always in demand that's not that hard to train for like one of the allied health professions then do that while you explore your life trying to discover who you really are and what you really want to do. I went straight from yuppie to hippie. I was naïve. I thought it would be easy to earn a living through my own creative efforts but the world is tough in every field including the fine arts.


Publication Date
Apr 10, 2014
Business & Economics
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By (author): Tony Kelbrat



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