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The "People Power" Love/ Lust Superbook Book 43. Love Is a Muscle: Exercise It With Kindness & Gentleness

ByTony Kelbrat

Love is great if you can find it with one person and stick with them for life. Some people do. There are pictures on the local news every night about couples married 50 years or longer. There will always be lean times in amongst the great times. It’s like a circle. I wrote so much about it because I kept getting ideas and reinterpreting what I read and saw in the media so one book on just love itself became three. Somewhere along the way, you have to stop, think about your relationship and focus on being kind, loving and doing nice things for your lover, over and over again. A first date should be diplomatic. Don't talk about sex. A guy who doesn't introduce you to his friends could either not have any which is quite common among men or he's got another life like he's married. After you fall in love, don't ignore friends and relatives. All successful people, no matter how phony they are, got that way by telling people what they want to hear. It's easier that way in relationships too.


Publication Date
Apr 27, 2014
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Tony Kelbrat



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