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The “People Power” Makin’ Money Superbook: Book 12. Artist - Craftsperson Business - Jobs - Career (Includes Graphic Arts, Museum Jobs)

ByTony Kelbrat

This book is a mix of jobs and self-employment opportunities. In order to sell your products, refer to internet auctions and flea markets. Many people have a delusional idea of an artist's life they got from TV and movies. The coolest people are always artists and they're always making lots of money. The mass media picks a few people and showcases them as star artists while thousands of artists just as good or better at their craft than these stars get nothing. That's the way it is in arts. There are very few true geniuses out there. A painting is a subjective experience. An actor spews out rehearsed lines. A thousand actors can easily do any role as well as anyone else. The only way to detect a true artist is through a literary work or music that moves you. Everything else is opinion. I've known plenty of talented, middle-aged poor artists. That's the way most artists live. Most eventually take on another job. Schoolteachers make up a big percentage of artists with day jobs.


Publication Date
Apr 19, 2014
Art & Photography
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By (author): Tony Kelbrat



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