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The “People Power” Money Superbook: Book 4. Family Money Guide (Women - Youth Money, Financial Planners, Financial Assistance, Social Security)

ByTony Kelbrat

Don't let yourself be caught out in the cold. If all the divorced women in the world could give you one piece of advice, they'd say live as though you alone are responsible for your life and no one else is paying the bills even if you got some rich husband because he could leave you in a snap and eat you up in divorce court leaving you with almost nothing. It's happened thousands of times before. You're not that special that you're immune. So what if you get a house you can't afford. Nobody is divorce-proof or tragedy-proof so you'd better do two things outside of the marriage to protect yourself in case something happens. Firstly, start a bank account for yourself by yourself and put some money away. You can either keep it a secret or tell your spouse, it doesn't really matter. Secondly, don't end up like countless women who sit at home and raise kids while the husband is out there and then decides to trade you in for a younger model and you have no marketeable skill.


Publication Date
Apr 15, 2014
Business & Economics
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By (author): Tony Kelbrat



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