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Why Won't She Talk About It? By J. Lybrand Kuhn
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J. Lybrand Kuhn opens her story in post World War I Germany where nine year old Isolde is taken against her will to a small town in Texas to work in her Great Uncle’s bakery. Based on a true... More > story, Kuhn takes the reader through the Jim Crow culture of the time and into a plague that beset the first half of the twentieth century. Isolde’s search for love and determination to beat the odds will have you cheering.< Less
Lies Come True By Serenity Benavides
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When a total nerd gets a chance to become a total hottie, but it comes at the cost of everything she stands for, what does she do?
SPY vs COLLEGE By Destiny Benavides
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A college student finds out a secret that brings her into the mysterious and action-packed world of spies. As a spy, she is doing great, but it is going to make it impossible to keep her grades up,... More > and if she can't do that, she can't continue her spy life. The trouble really begins when a mysterious enemy decides to make her his target!< Less
Mikan Skies By Celeste Witmer
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This is a story of a girl and her two friends. It seems like a normal day in the park until something goes horribly wrong. The girls are accused of a heinous crime, and the heroin of the story must... More > do something about it. Otherwise, the world could end.< Less
Another Blessed Day By KWU
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One brother dead, another facing life in prison and a mama gone too soon; the emotions of happiness and guilt seemed to be having a battle in my mind. Shoot outs, hospital visits, prison time,... More > betrayal, monetary loses and I was still here? Unbelievable. How does one man get so lucky?< Less
Whither Thou Goest: A Life in Pomerania By Karen Kressin
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Boys and girls come of age in the rural Prussian province of Pomerania, experiencing the joys of Christmas, harvest time fun, and other activities and celebrations in the early Nineteenth Century.... More > Based on a true story and grounded in historical and cultural research, the focus is on Maria, who faces life with dignity in the face of scandal. Enthusiasm for emigrating to the New World is spreading across the region, and people are sharply divided on how to respond. The Prussian army is being strengthened, and young men are swept into war. It has been a period of advancing progress for Prussia, but the citizens experience harm as well as benefit from the changes. This is a tale of courage and struggle, infused with hope and redemption. Illustrated with 14 black and white drawings based on historical research, and a map. A short novel, set in large print for easy reading.< Less
Damaged: When the Noise Stops, Survival Begins By David Hess
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DAMAGED is a volume of short stories, vignettes and a novella. Some selections are war stories while others are postwar tales which illustrate the lasting effects suffered by men and women who... More > participate in war and in violent law enforcement encounters. T There are tragic love stories, stories of revenge and closure. Some of the stories serve as a companion compilation to Hess’s first two novels Ambush and Gamble in which several familiar characters show us not only the effects they suffered but also the backstories to events in his previous novels. DAMAGED gives everyone an insight of PTSD and how it creeps into the mind and soul of those involved in war and law enforcement. Damaged is a powerful collection not of war stories but of postwar stories which vividly present the lasting trauma of battles from Gettysburg to Kabul. Hess makes it clear that there is “nothing romantic” about it, and its scars are real and permanent. Ellen Miller Casey, Professor Emerita, University of Scranton< Less
When Prayers Go Up Blessings Rain Down By Christopher C. Smith
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Best selling Author Christopher C. Smith goes deep in his 7th book about a young lady named Aubrey now at the tender age of 17, who had lived single parenting since she was five years old. While... More > being forced to stay at the Robert R. Jackson group home after her dad's arrest, she then meets two staff members (Alex Hunter & Jonathan) and she is attracted to both of at the same time. With the help of her roommate Mya, she finds out the deep secrets that has been going on at the group home. Later, the unfold from jealousy to discovering she has a severe illness. In due time she finds out that When Prayers Go Up Blessings Rain Down!< Less
Second Chance Inn By Charles Tunstall
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Jim Loveday, an ambitious and unscrupulous freelance photographer and author has been hired by a family and their attorney to investigate the death of their son who was living in a boarding house for... More > people with physical and mental disabilities. Feigning partial blindness, Loveday is admitted to the home, but throughout his investigation, he can find nothing to defend the family, who then turn on him.< Less
The Littlest Guru By Christine Gallo
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A novel about a heroine's journey through loss as she learns the invaluable lesson of transforming through grief instead of merely passing through.
The Man and the Storyteller By Brett McNaught
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Set in Niger, a country patiently waiting for a leader to emerge, The Man And The Storyteller creates that leader in the form of a rural Hausa woman, Mariamma. When the road weary Ilou returns to... More > his village for the rainy season and reunites with his wife Mariamma, she becomes consumed with the desire to delve into the mind of her solitary husband and live out her dreams. Using her own first hand experience, hearsay and folklore, Mariamma boldly presents the life of Ilou as a complex traditional man astutely examining his tumultuous life. The Man And The Storyteller views a turning point in their lives, a single year when Ilou and Mariamma see that their lives will not be the same as the lives their children are about to live. Mariamma emerges as a vibrant storyteller who begins to incorporate Hausa folklore and a vivid imagination to display her vision of who Ilou is, his wandering life on the road and her hopes for the future through education for herself and their children.< Less
Mirach Speaks To His Grammatical Transparents By Will Alexander
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Mirach Speaks To His Grammatical Transparents is a philosophical meditation vertically scripted. It is an extension of Alexander's first book in this mode, Towards The Primeval Lightning Field. Both... More > books in concert, exist as a double exploration, in what, for the author, is a nascent odyssey, concerning the mind at non-limit through cellular transmogrification.< Less
Beyond the Bog By MP Devlin
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In the small village of Kiltee, on the Northern Ireland coastline, young eight year old Garrett Daley is swept out to sea while riding his horse, Maggie, on a windy afternoon in September 1970. His... More > horse returns covered in salt water but young Daley does not. After extensive searching and police investigations for nearly a year, it was presumed that he had drowned. His parents, along with his younger twin brothers, moved to Boston, USA a year after the tragedy, but never lost hope that one day they might have an answer to his disappearance. The Daley's good friends and former neighbors in Kiltee, the Finn's, have an energetic seven year old son named Caffrey. And on a Saturday afternoon in May 1974, while riding his own horse, Silk, he comes upon a young stranger down by the dunes. After further conversation, Caffrey discovers that in fact it is Garrett returned home after four years.< Less
Scorched Plains | Season 1: Vol. 1 By Glen Thompson
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A chaotic morning forces a group from SANCT-27 to move from the life they knew to one away from home. They soon realize the truth about life outside.
The Arranged Marriage: My Kalpa By Mark S. Silver
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This is the story of a young woman in India who agrees to marry through an arranged engagement. After an idealized childhood she relocates to the United States to begin a new life with her husband.... More > Yet, she soon discovers that he is a dangerous alcoholic who causes her to suffer unspeakable abuses and a deep sense of psychological and physical harm. Ultimately, she finds the courage to begin a new life in the United States.< Less
Going All In By Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley & Wayne J. Keeley
Paperback: $15.95
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During a snowstorm, three couples play a game of Texas Hold’em which leads to the institution of friendly, bi-weekly poker nights – until someone suggests that instead of playing for... More > pocket change, the winner may choose another player with whom to spend the night. Friendships are strained and relationships crumble. Lies are told, truths are exposed, and feelings are hurt. In the end, can anyone bear the weight of this wanton self-indulgence? No one could possibly get hurt; after all, it’s only a game…< Less
Song of Opar By Jim Malachowski
Paperback: $29.95
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Song of Opar is an update of Tarzan and La's adventures beginning in the early twentieth century. Working with new information, the Opar stories have been enhanced and updated. Song of Opar places... More > more emphasis on the origins of Opar, adventures of Tarzan and La not documented anywhere else, and the demise of the lost city. Song of Opar is a tale of more than 115,000 words. It features a spectacular cover featuring the talent of well-known ERB artist — Joe Jusko. Song of Opar has thirty interior illustrations newly created, by the author, expressly for this book.< Less
Litmus Tests, Volume II: A Collection of Short Stories By Lynn Veach Sadler
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Writer/Editor Dr. Lynn Veach Sadler, (former) college president, Distinguished Woman of North Carolina, and National Women’s Hall of Fame member, has published widely in academics and in... More > creative writing. She has published 5 books and 72 articles and edited 23 books/proceedings and 3 national journals and published 3 newspaper columns (1 now). In creative writing, she has 11 poetry chapbooks and 4 full-length collections, 125+ short stories, 4 novels, a novella, 5 short story collections (including Litmus Tests, Volumes I and II), and 2 nonfiction collections. One of her 41 plays was commissioned for the First International Robert Frost Symposium. As North Carolina’s Central Region Gilbert-Chappell Distinguished Poet 2013-2015, she mentored student and adult poets. Lynn’s awards include teaching, Civil Rights, and Exceptional Service to the History of the State of North Carolina.< Less
The Sea Child By Diane deManbey
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The Sea child is a thought provoking yet simple book that is part Christian allegory and part ancient wisdom. It follows a mythical searcher on a quest to find the meaning of memories and balances in... More > life, encountering contradictory "frail creatures" along the way. The journey requires perseverance as the sea child confronts the ultimate source of its beginning. The patterns of life are woven into this introspective and universal search for the source of the spirit.< Less
Dancing with the Sandman By L. T. Garvin
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The Sandman cometh dancing to the beat of rock ‘n’ roll, blasting the turmoil of the Sixties. And where are you? West Texas, of course. Billie Jo Dunstan confronts her past, traveling... More > back to the 1960s through a decade of turbulence and swirling color memories, contemplating life growing up in rural Texas. Tragedy and comedy come alive, preserving the past and a portion of small town life that will survive beyond super highways and the ratcheting progress of time.< Less
The Chronicles of Julian, the Hospitaller By Eduardo Bernardi
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An epic novel of history, adventure and fantasy, offering a captivating window into a little known period of the Middle Ages, when the church of Rome was ruled by a dynasty of popes and courtesans,... More > which became known as the Papal Pornocracy. At the turn of the First Millennium, when Christendom waits for the Antichrist to break free from its chains, young Julian of Mans is fleeing from his own visions of the Devil. In a journey that spans from France to the Holy Land, culminating in the Serchio River by the city of Lucca, in Tuscany, Julian collects a life of emotions and passions that will give him the best weapons to face his worst fears.< Less
Life After You By Jamie Cristal Ramirez
Paperback: $7.00
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Rae lost it all when her best friend, Jared Parker, passed away. She couldn't change his fate. For death is only inevitable and losing hope is not.
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It Takes One Wave By Andrina Voegele
Paperback: $10.00
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Alex Kelly, a reporter from New York, is assigned to write a profile on pro-surfer Brandon Cooper, who is trying to make his comeback after being severely injured in an accident. Over the course of... More > the next couple months they travel to some of the most dangerous surf spots in the world, facing mortality in the form of giant waves and exploring what surfing really means to them. When a tragedy strikes too close to home they are forced to deal with the aftermath and with what it means for their own lives.< Less
A Collection of Marginal Penwork By Bobby Lou Stevenson
Paperback: $6.95
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A Collection of Marginal Penwork, is as the title suggests: stories and other pieces of writing that, having been bundled together, demonstrate the limited expressive and grammatical skills of the... More > author. Short stories of various theme and genres.< Less