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Advances in the Biology of Shrews II By Joseph F. Merritt et al.
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Editors: Joseph F. Merritt, Sara Churchfield, Rainer Hutterer, Boris I. Sheftel The collection of 39 papers presented in this volume provides a clear demonstration of the diversity of research into... More > soricid biology currently being undertaken and summarizes our state of knowledge in the various topic areas. The volume is a product of the International Colloquium on the Biology of the Soricidae II that was convened on 14-18 October 2002 at the Powdermill Biological Station of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.< Less
Rabbit Agility! What's That? By Dell Robbins
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Rabbit Agility is an exciting new sport. This book explains how to select your new agility rabbit as well as how to begin training successfully. Also included are the current rule book as well as... More > tips for hosting an agility competition. No rabbit owner should be without this book!< Less
How to Groom A Golden Retriever The Right Way By Doreen Schipper
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An informative Pictorial Instructional Manual with e-mail support, by a Professional All Breed Dog Grooming Instructor ** My instructions are clear and in terms anyone can understand. (Remember this... More > is what I do for a living !) ** I will also explain some handling tricks to get your dog to co-operate and enjoy his grooming. ** You'll recieve an equipment list specifically for grooming a West Highland White Terrier including shampoos, conditioner, correct nail clippers, brushes and much more ** You'll learn how to how trim nails, clean ears, brush teeth and easily express anal glands ** Eye stains a problem? I’ll help you try to clear it up and keep it under control. ** Step by step instructions on how to give your dog a trimup, shave the rear, and underbelly and pads and much much more ! ** My instructions are so clear anyone can learn how to Groom, Great for beginners and tips for professionals !!< Less
My Life As A Horse By Gina Miller
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A born horse lover the only thing I wanted as a child was to be a horse. I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend my life with horses. With their intelligence, wisdom, humor,... More > and loyalty they have influenced my life in so many ways. From the strength of my gentle giant Draft horses, the sheer willpower of Marvin the orphan colt, the humor of Rats, the total trust of the blind mare, Sweetheart, to the undying patience of Ringo the pony, these are their stories. Each, in their own special way, has a lesson to offer and an inspirational moral to their story.< Less
Controlled Aggression By Girard Bradshaw
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K9 Training manual for professional police and protection trainers. This book covers K9 selection, drive development, human focused aggression, out on command redirects and call offs. Appendicies... More > cover European dog sports, using the electronic collar, and attentive heeling for police K9 and sport competition.< Less
Building a Basic Foundation for Search and Rescue Dog Training By J. C. Judah
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Hundreds of tips are revealed to help handlers train the Search and Rescue dog. This instructional guide describes the skills needed to lay a solid foundation for successfully training the SAR dog. ... More > The reader will examine disciplines such as Wilderness Air Scent, Human Remains Detection (both land and water), First Responder Dogs, Disaster, and Trailing dogs. Learn the skills needed to prepare physically, mentally, and intellectually for SAR operations. Enjoy meeting REAL SAR dogs in over 50 photos. Discover the industry standard for documentation including training logs, evaluations, and certifications. Sample forms for each are included. Explore Sympathetic Alerts, Human Response Alerts and handler Cues to understand why dogs behave as they do. Gain a basic knowledge of Scent Theory and learn how it impacts dog performance. Ethics and professionalism are stressed as SAR dog handlers from across the nation reveal their wisdom through TIPS and BEST PRACTICES.< Less
Raising Cats Naturally: How to care for your cat the way nature intended By Michelle T. Bernard
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Michelle Bernard has a rare gift for putting in plain words extraordinarily effective and levelheaded ways to properly care for cats. Steering clear of faddish, dangerous trends and dissecting the... More > oodles of misinformation that has regrettably become the norm in mainstream advice on animal nutrition, she shines most conspicuously on the issue of a proper feline diet. By giving the reader a common-sense, straightforward strategy for preparing a diet that is based solely on the nutritional requirements of true carnivores, her book is a must-have for anyone committed to building and maintaining glowing good health for cats.< Less
Balanced Beekeeping II: Managing the Top Bar Hive By Philip Chandler
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If The Barefoot Beekeeper was the harbinger of the 'natural beekeeping' movement, then this is the workshop manual. Together with its companion volume - Balanced Beekeeping I: Building a Top Bar... More > Hive - this book will lead you gently into a fascinating relationship with the most engaging of nature's workers: the honeybee. The author draws on 15 years of experience with many types of hive in the both amateur and professional beekeeping contexts. You will want this book beside you for years to come!< Less
Research Report on Canine Environmental Enrichment By Sandra FORNES
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The study examines the deleterious impact of impoverished environments and the benefits of enriched environments for dogs in institutionalized settings as well as the benefits for working dogs and... More > canine companions. Based on current human and non-human enrichment literature, research and practices, a canine sensory-enriched environment model illustrates the positive effects on dogs. Maintaining an enriched housing environment that provides a broad range of novel and complex sensory, sensory motor, and social experiences and provides opportunities for exploration, control and to express species-specific behaviors provides long-lasting positive physiological, psychological, and behavioral changes both in young and older dogs that have been living in a confined environment. The study concludes that a “free-roaming environment may be the most optimal environmental enrichment strategy and provides enriching and sensory stimulating elements that encourage dogs to interact with their environment in a natural way.< Less
Natural Rearing: Breeding and Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended By Jeannie Thomason
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Most puppies born today carry a plethora of health issues: most of which are passed on from previous generations who have been subjected to poor nutrition, toxic chemicals and unnatural lifestyles.... More > This book provides practical information explaining virtually every part of natural breeding, whelping and raising a healthy litter of puppies. Dr. Jeannie takes you to a new level of breeding and raising healthy, vital, and long-lived dogs.< Less
Personal Milkers: Getting Started with Nigerian Dwarf Goats By Patricia Stewart
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Having your own milk supply to make cheese, yogurt or drinking, is as easy as keeping Nigerian dwarf goats. The author has more than 20 years of goatkeeping experience and 40 years of teaching... More > environmental education. Personal Milkers: Getting started with Nigerian Dwarfs is clear and accessible.< Less
The Best of Both Worlds By Michel Selmer
Paperback: $14.95
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Designed to be the definitive guide to truly holistic health for dogs of all ages, this book equips dog owners with the knowledge they need to navigate any health challenge their dog may face.... More > Highlighting the strengths of standard veterinary care and alternative medicine therapies such as acupuncture, food therapy and herbal remedies, Dr. Selmer’s first book offers pup parents the best of both worlds. Dr. Selmer, based in Long Island, New York writes with the warmth, compassion and humor he brings to each of his patients and virtual clients, earning him a national reputation as The Caring Vet.< Less
Chincoteague Pony Tales By Lois Szymanski
Paperback: $10.99
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Chincoteague Ponies - the wild ponies who live on the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge- are a source of inspiration for many. In this book of true Chincoteague Pony tales readers will find... More > stories from ponies living on the island, take-home ponies, new foals and Misty descendants. They will be inspired by the many meant-to-be tales. They'll learn how some of the ponies got their names and hear of their lives in the wild. If you love ponies or even if you are an animal lover who likes to be inspired, this is the book for you!< Less
Dominant Dogs Handling Myths and Training Insights By David Ryan PG dip CABC, CCAB
Paperback: $8.22
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Dominance used to be a diagnosis for all manner of badly behaved dogs, but what really is a Dominant Dog? David looks at the myths that surround Dominance and how modern trainers handle dogs that... More > might previously have been labelled Dominant. If you want to know what Dominance really means, why enlightened trainers and behaviourists have discarded it as a diagnosis, and what has replaced it, or if you are struggling to deal with a dog you have been told is Dominant, this is the book for you...< Less
It's About the Dog - The A-Z Guide for Wannabe Dog Rescuers By Guilie Castillo Oriard
Paperback: $12.00
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“Not only an incredibly thorough and brilliant How-To, but a pull-at-your-heartstrings look at the selfless world of dog rescuing—and a must-read for anyone who loves dogs. This book will... More > renew your faith in humanity.” ~ Robin Cain, author of 'The Secret Miss Rabbit Kept' “This is a must-have book on every would-be, could-be, and veteran dog rescuer’s shelf. Guilie Castillo Oriard’s It’s About the Dog: The A-to-Z Guide for Wannabe Rescuers is packed with invaluable information gleaned from experts and experience, on how to put good intentions into successful practice so you can provide real help for four-legged friends in need.” ~ Lynne M. Hinkey, author of 'Ye Gods! A Tale of Dogs and Demons'< Less
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This is a wonderful guide for every animal lover. It is simple, concise and an eye-opener for pet owners and those thinking of adding one to their homes. Get this invaluable gift for yourself and... More > other pet lovers around you.< Less
Culture Clash By Jean Donaldson
eBook (PDF): $10.00
The most thought-provoking book ever written on dog behavior and training. Generations of dogs have been labeled as training-lemons for requiring actual motivation when all along they were perfectly... More > normal. Numerous other completely and utterly normal dogs have been branded as canine misfits simply because they grew up to act like dogs. Barking, chewing, sniffing, licking, jumping up, and occasionally, (just like people), having arguments, is as normal and natural for dogs as wagging tails and burying bones. However, all dogs need to be taught how to modify their normal and natural behaviors to adjust to human culture. Sadly, all too often, when the dog's way of life conflicts with human rules and standards, many dogs are discarded and summarily put to death. That's quite the Culture Clash. “Simply, the best dog book I have ever read!” -Dr Ian Dunbar, Founder of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)< Less
Balanced Beekeeping II: Managing the Top Bar Hive By Philip Chandler
eBook (PDF): $8.57
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If The Barefoot Beekeeper was the harbinger of the 'natural beekeeping' movement, then this is the workshop manual. Together with its companion volume - Balanced Beekeeping I: Building a Top Bar Hive... More > - this book will lead you gently into a fascinating relationship with the most engaging of nature's workers: the honeybee. The author draws on 15 years of experience with many types of hive in the both amateur and professional beekeeping contexts. You will want this book beside you for years to come!< Less
Frankie Finds Critter Camp By Beth Randall
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Heartwarming story of Frankie the ferret who loved his person Mindy, but when she could no longer care for him he found himself lost and alone. Follow Frankie as he heads out to find Critter Camp,... More > where animals have a place to live out their lives when no one else will care for them. Along the way, Frankie meets other former pets like himself, each with their own touching stories. This book is based on true stories of real-life animals that have been cared for at Critter Camp. All proceeds benefit the 300 rescued animals living their lives safe, happy and loved at Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary.< Less