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Dark Dreams and Weird Worlds: A Collection of Science Fiction and Horror Stories By Gary Hill
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Covering ground ranging across science fiction and horror (and even a bit of fantasy), this collection has 18 pieces of fiction from nine different writers. The writers included in this book... More > are: Heath D. Alberts Kurt Belcher Bill Camp Henrik Sandbeck Harksen Gary Hill Ken Lateer Ian Christopher LeBlanc Mark Matzeder Dustin Urness< Less
The Incredible Veggie-boys By Sulaiman Jackson
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Robbie and Matt like their life as normal kids. They play, eat, and always have fun. One day, Robbie and Matt come across a bottle of "poison" and drink it. They become known as The... More > Veggie-boys. But when an alien comes to earth to turn the planet into a fast-food restaurant, Robbie and Matt have to use all of their wits combined to defeat the alien.< Less
Nhuk, the Space Alien Girl By Donald E. Hammond
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Born on the doomed planet Zeet, home to a civilization one million years more advanced than humanity, ten-year-old Nhuk is forced to flee for her life before her planet tears itself apart. The last... More > survivor of her species, she must make the long journey to Earth on her own. As one of the most intelligent members of her species, she is destined for greatness. When her spaceship crashes in Tibet, she is given refuge in a Buddhist monetary. Soon, she befriends Tom, Audrey, and Peter, three children from the American Embassy, and her new life adventure begins. But the people of Earth aren’t as open-minded as those of Zeet. Condemned as an imminent threat to humanity, Nhuk must stay one step ahead of the authorities if she hopes to save her adopted home world from nuclear holocaust. She offers the Peace Crystal, a precious artifact from Zeet, in hopes of ushering in a new era of harmony. Can she save humanity from itself?< Less
Beanstalk By E. Jade Lomax
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Jack Farris doesn’t want to save the world, just every person he knows, encounters, or hears of. It’s a bit of an issue. S. Grey doesn’t want to save anyone but himself. He wants... More > to know everything and majoring in sagework at the Academy is the best way to do that. Laney Jones left her home to avoid the constraints there, only to find different barriers holding her back at the Academy. Eager to learn, to excel, to escape, she has far from given up. Rupert Willington Jons Hammersfeld the Seventh would just like everything to be orderly, thank you very much, but it seems the only way to make monsters and myths (and malicious but mundane men) stop rampaging through his world is to go out and do some hero-ing himself. They are put together as an unwilling study group, but they become something more.< Less
The Land of the Sun Goddess By Paul Michael Barlow
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Fantasy with a new twist - a Japanese empire occupies the west coast of North America when the Conquistadors arrive. The year is 1516… The Land of the Sun Goddess follows the Fujiwara family... More > as they try to protect the empire while fighting demons from the Spirit World.< Less
The Allegorical Crossing of the Bridge of the Mind By G. Irving Hildebrand
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We’ve been told that there are two parts of our brain and that one side remains largely unused. Open it up, and build a bridge to new ideas. To envision some small parts of our universe,... More > cosmologists develop theoretical models that they can overlay on what they believe may be possible. We use this avenue to explore exciting new potentials for the evolutionary development of the human mind. G. Irving Hildebrand is a lifetime fan of science fiction. His writings are inspired by one of his favorite authors, Ray Bradbury. He is a retired public-health advocate and lives in the small college town of Conway, Arkansas.< Less
The Shape of Dreams By nicole higgins
Paperback: $9.00
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3 men have traveled thousands of miles in search of the madman who unleashed Dragon's Tongue, killing billions. Their chance encounter with a woman who seems more frightened of them than of the... More > horrific dreams that haunt her, may prove to be life altering for them all.< Less
Lord Bobbins and the Romanian Ruckus By Sean Little
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All Nicodemus Clarke wants to do is head west, get away from civilization, and build a home well away from people where he could live out the rest of his days in relative anonymity and quiet. After... More > stints as a sniper in the Union Army and an expedition leader in the French Expeditionary Forces, he's earned some downtime. However, Lord Bobbins, the eccentric British adventurer and industrialist, has one last job for him: investigating sightings of werewolves in a tiny Romanian town in the Carpathian Mountains where Bobbins has just come into the ownership of an old castle. Clarke doesn't believe in werewolves, but Bobbins won't take no for an answer. In the little Romanian hamlet, Clarke discovers a mystery that needs solving and a town that needs saving. Clarke might not be the right man for the job, but that's never stopped him before. Joined by Bobbins' bodyguard, the mysterious Dolly Shaw, and the dour inventor Nikola Tesla, Clarke does something he never thought he'd do: Take on the supernatural.< Less
The Final Book: Gods By SW Hammond
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Multi-cultural, multi-historical, and spanning man's faith across time, The Final Book is a controversial and blasphemous last chapter of humanity. Set in three periods—modern day, the 1960s,... More > and ancient Mesopotamia—this epic blends human history, ruthless mythology, science fiction, and the supernatural to tell a love story of the future. Though long forgotten by the mortals they serve, Zeus and his Pantheon continue to foster and protect mankind which is tearing itself apart—but even God isn't infallible. After failed diplomacy, the King of the Gods is left with no choice but to take the persona of a modern man—the famed genetic scientist Dr. Hork. In an effort to preserve the future by reshaping the past, Dr. Hork uses Project Genesis—the transfer of consciousness—to send subjects back in time. However, not without devastating failures. Subjects of the experiment wreak havoc upon humanity until a familiar character is reborn to correct the course.< Less
The Serial Murders of Mars By Paul Boulet
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In 1896 (in a revisionist history where mankind has developed spaceflight roughly 100 years early), the maiden voyage of the British spaceliner, HMS Daedalus set to carry the first contingent of... More > Royal investors to Mars. The mission is to christen a permanent mining colony the Ares Britannia, on the Martian moon, Phobos and return laden with metal ore. The royal party is accompanied by Gavin Crossland, the architect/engineer who led the development team, and other representatives from Tyneside Spaceyardes is the company responsible for developing both the liner and the mining colony. Among the Royals is also Sir Archdale Wilson, a venerated man of the Empire and his attaché, Naik Thapa, his Gurkha companion. The group traveling to Mars completes the long journey but things are not what they expect when they arrive. The Miners have taken control and will only be satisfied if the offending builders are brought to justice and some assurance given that the offenses won’t recur.< Less
The Subtle Awakening: Book One of Ghosting the Stars By Peter Bishop
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The invention of the Groff changed everything. It propelled people out-of-body and into the shallows of subtle-space, to skim, or ghost, intimately alongside the physical world. As the twenty-first... More > century staggered towards its conclusion everyone was travelling out-of-body, for work or pleasure, legal and illegal. But with new freedoms and opportunities came new forms of power, crime, vulnerability and madness. Now, an immensely powerful SuperGroff could punch minds far deeper. The Argentinian Collective’s leading scientist, Vicente, has disappeared during a mission into deepest subtle-space. Vicente’s partner Tasha, a renowned psychotherapist, believes it is madness to enter such regions and that out-of-body galactic travel is impossible, merely a dangerous illusion. As the search for Vicente erupts into full-scale conflicts both in subtle-space and South America, casualties mount, deepest beliefs are challenged and relationships transformed.< Less
The Disappearing and Other Short Stories of the Macabre By Gerald F. Heaney
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This is a book of short stories the longest being The Disappearing followed by ten others. The Disappearing is a story of horrific disaster that takes place in the near future, a road map to what... More > could come. All the stories range from the super natural to science fiction. In contrary to the generally dark theme Me and You and Baby Makes Three is told in a light hearted measure that ends with a twist,(of course.) These stories are best read in the light of day and not at night in a darkened room, suggested merely for your own safety.< Less
Windward Grace By nicole higgins
Paperback: List Price: $11.88 $10.69 | You Save: 10%
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When Michael Donovan awakens to a paradise, he knows he is not one fit for such a destiny. And so he tries to find the source of the new river and lush meadows. What he finds is Grace, an ancient and... More > mysterious woman who speaks in riddles. Can he protect her from the evil designs of those who seem set on destroying the illusion? Can he change his own violent ways and become the man she believes him to be?< Less
LAYERS: of Education By M M Günther
Paperback: $19.95
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A combination of Greek Mythology, old religion, alternate universes, abilities with different kinds of beings, set in the future which includes simulation classes, time travel and much, much more!... More > This is only the first book of five for this series, with more twist and turns that will catch you off guard no matter what, with a touch of romance to all the action with in the series.< Less
God Touched By John Conroe
Paperback: $19.99
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Chris Gordon is a rookie cop in the Big Apple with an interesting sideline - hunting demons. But after rescuing a beautiful girl from a demonic attack, he finds life stranger than he ever thought... More > possible. Vampires, werewolves, shadowy federal agencies and a giant short-faced bear. And it's not even Halloween yet. Book 1 of the Demon Accords.< Less
The End of the Beginning By Zachary Eichholz
Paperback: $18.99
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The End of the Beginning is set in a world on the brink of societal collapse. With time running out, the world must pool its resources and stand together against a threat of our own creation. But a... More > growing few see a different, much darker path forward...< Less
Paperback: $20.00
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This pilot study (same as "Weltwesen" and "Absolute") followed the method of Euclid's "Elements", using 36 Definitions, one single Axiom, 3 Postulates, and their... More > substantiation with analysis-synthesis, induction-deduction, and some representative literature from philosophy, logic, mathematics, physics, biology, and psychology in order to discuss the nature, structure, function, and human as well as nonhuman relevance of the Absolute beyond the 'limits' of the Universe. This interdisciplinary approach resulted in the conclusion that Ultimate Reality is the Absolute, which is the 'source and sink' of all Apparent or Virtual Reality. Having met the required criteria, this tentative theory may be called: "Absolute Relativity and the Relativity of the Absolute".< Less
Heliotrope By CG Blade
Paperback: List Price: $11.00 $8.25 | You Save: 25%
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"The human genome is a random accident that needs an upgrade. She is going to give it to you whether you want it or not." Artificial intelligence is a bitch, and she’s back in... More > heat―In humanity’s last stand against extinction, one of their own will sacrifice themselves for the greater good. This non-stop cerebrum-induced novel Heliotrope: Pente Addendum: The Fifth Novel in the Pseudoverse, is split into two distinct parts. First, the backstory of Heliotrope titled 'Love and Pain'. Second, 'The Trial', in which artificial intelligence itself is put on trial for the deaths of over four-billion 'individuals'. This novel is told from the POV of several main characters who were involved one way or another with the creation of the A.I. or its ultimate downfall. For the first time, A.I. has fused with religion using it as the basis for programming. “From time to time the solder of circuits must be spilled to preserve the traces of autonomy.” - Temple Of Technology< Less
The Xenon Tech Archives By Ashley M. Jackson
Paperback: $14.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
Nanotechnology has become extremely intelligent and powerfully out of control with the existence of self-thinking humanoids. Scarlet is in position to change the course of evil due to a secret he was... More > injected with as a baby. He enlist a small group of young people to help him. Their adventure is breathtaking and exciting the closer they get to their goal.< Less
The Ambassadors: Kingdom of Man By Jim Crowe
Paperback: $14.99
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This book cuts across the categories - it is a new kind of "science-fiction thriller" and a fast-moving all-action adventure novel of ideas. It is also a book about friendship, humour, love... More > and betrayal. The narrative explores what might happen if and when alien beings make their first contact with us. As their strange craft enters our atmosphere and the world holds its breath and the nations of the world go on high alert and mobilise their armies, the aliens claim to come in peace. They claim to need our help. They claim they will, in return, help us. The situation is critical, and the governments of the world are deeply concerned worried, but the story never deviates from a close study of the people involved in this clash of cultures. Are the aliens as friendly as they claim? Will they share their incredible technology and their frightening weapons with us, or do they have another agenda entirely?< Less
Today, Tomorrow By Josiah Golojuh
Paperback: $10.00
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Josiah Golojuh is a displaced Pittsburgher. He currently travels through time and space, writing what he sees. This collection of 4 original short stories is one such account. The stories include:... More > THE STAR CHILDREN, a story of children reluctantly leaving a dying space colony. THE TIME TRAVELER, a man encounters his own failings by entering his past after the Boston Marathon bombing. ONCE UPON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STARS, a man flees earth by volunteering to guide troubled teens sent through a wormhole. THE LAST TICKET TO OUTER SPACE, an everyday dude wins a ticket on the last ship off of earth, and now everybody wants to go with him. It also includes the first chapter from his upcoming novel, STORM THE MACHINE, a science-fiction-romantic- adventure, about which Ray Bradbury remarked, "This man is a genius."< Less
Battle for the South By Sara F. Hathaway
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $16.00 | You Save: 20%
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Unsure of the loyalty of her mentor, Erika and Vince take drastic measures to ensure the safety of their loved ones. After trying to merge back into an American society severely altered by the... More > repercussions of the first Great Quake ten years before, Erika and Vince are unsure whom to trust. Time has spread the people they love out across the country and another Great Quake is imminent. One thing is for sure: they will not let their loved ones be annihilated by disaster. As the Federal Government takes steps to eliminate any signs of resistance among its citizens, Erika and Vince seek refuge in the free south where they can find help to rescue their friends and family from the Las Vegas FEMA camp. Can they make it in time? Are their loved ones still alive? Who is loyal to a freedom that was once provided under the Constitution?< Less
Dateline: Korea By Brent Kirk
Paperback: $10.99
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The year is 1965. At twenty, John Stilwell Jr. holds a Ph.D. in Quantum Physics and Mathematics. His lifelong intention has been to alter the natural course of history that resulted in his... More > father’s death in Korea. In 1953, John Stilwell Sr. was killed just hours after the Korean Conflict ended. John Jr. was six when it happened, and he was never going to accept the events that led to his father’s untimely death. He was convinced that a huge quantum mistake had been made. Now he has found a way to navigate to historical events, but once he tests his ability to change those events, he realizes the universe has in place a very powerful guardian of the time continuum. What will happen to John Jr.’s future after he negates his father’s death is something he is ready to face. But when he returns to 1965, there is something very wrong. He is witness to the chain of events he set in motion,and there is a mysterious entity at work that threatens to erase him from existence.< Less
Memories of Chronosalis By Ceara Comeau
Paperback: List Price: $14.52 $10.89 | You Save: 25%
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It’s one thing to read about heroes saving worlds in far off galaxies, but to become one is an entirely different story. Sixteen-year-old Amber Oak wanted nothing more than to stay in her... More > own world of music and solitude. But the inhabitants of Galaseya, a Utopian planet rooted in the past, had other ideas in mind. According to them, only she wielded the power to stop the dark forces threatening their home. At first, Amber sympathized with the planet, but saw no reason to involve herself in the affairs of something outside her world. But the stakes have risen when she discovers that Galaseya is not only the world that has been invading her dreams, but also the place her estranged family originated from. With this new knowledge, questions began to surface and secrets of Amber’s life come to light causing her to second guess everything she knows.< Less
First Colony By Todd Fries
Hardcover: $34.64
Prints in 3-5 business days
Alone on Trappist-1e, Nickolas finds himself tested again and again, and with each new challenge must reach deep within himself to solve the puzzles of this new world, and unless he can overcome the... More > brutal wrath of Trappist-1e, he might not live to see his crew return. While he struggles to survive, his friends return to Earth where one sympathetic colonel uncovers the reality of what they truly discovered on Trappist-1e. Something that will change the nature of human existence forever.< Less