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Penelope Salvo and Unknowable Yellow By Justin Zaruba
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Third in the Penelope Salvo series, "Penelope Salvo and Untouchable Orange" chronicles her third year as host of Impossible Red. Penelope is stubborn if anything. Even after the archangels... More > Metatron and Zophiel have stopped her from leaving Earth and venturing off to Hell, Penelope doesn't give up. With the help of Tengoku - the host of Unknowable Yellow - she will find her way off of Earth and begin a journey that will take her to the furthest edges of all reality.< Less
The Press Secretary By Stanley Ish
Paperback: $16.00
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Cecil is a black American orphan adopted by a white family from Evanston, Illinois. Growing up in privilege exposes Cecil to the world, leading him to become the assistant to the Press Secretary of... More > the United States of America. Diligently working and gaining trust everything is business as usual. Until a terrorist organization sets off a series of attacks. The country quickly falls into turmoil as lawlessness burst forth and pockets of bandits begin to form, sanctioning off territories and contaminating water supplies. It’s up to Cecil to get to the President and help bring order back to the country.< Less
City Boy, Country Girl By Joe Six-Pack
eBook (PDF): $7.95
Richard has been working on Evelyn for years, hoping to steal her rural oil rights. One day, she takes ill, and he goes out into the country to help her, intent on taking her land in the process. The... More > thing is, with a change of heart, mind... and body... Richard may not be coming back. 92 Pages, 34 new color illustrations. A re-write of a 2006 story. Art & Story by Joe Six-Pack.< Less
Shadow Trail & Bearly Christmas Darling By LuAnn Nies
Paperback: $9.95
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Shadow Trail A quiet romantic weekend in the north woods of Minnesota turns into a dangerous adventure that Crystal hadn't bargained for. Bearly Christmas Darling Trisha Thomsen planned a romantic... More > holiday weekend in a cozy cabin with her husband. Romance flies out the window when she’s forced to escape when a black bear shows up for dinner. While tracking down a rogue black bear, Game Warden, Jason McKnight finds himself looking down the barrel of his rifle at the woman who abandoned him—breaking his heart.< Less
No End In Sight: Episode One By Edwin Hall
Paperback: $7.00
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"No End In Sight" tells the story of the fictional city, Crystal Springs, which is run by two very powerful families, The Andrews and The Cranes. Both families, dealing with the loss of... More > their patriarchs are now counting on their second generations to run the corporations. While the families battle within the city, a cast of other characters tell the stories of their lives.< Less
The Striker By Luis L. Tijerina
Paperback: $10.00
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Tijerina’s frank portrayal of comradeship caught in the inexorable sweep of war in “Sunrise in East Prussia” glows with an intensity unrivaled in modern literature while his... More > description of the fights between soldiers in “Heat and the Cornfield” can stand next to the great moments in literary history like for instance Hemingway’s “A farewell to arms”. It is the gloriously pragmatic, unpredictable genius of Tijerina’s narrative gifts and his vigorous style that makes these intellectually playful stories - about love and pain, loyalty and desertion but even so about soccer and photography- unforgettable. I think of Tijerina as the great modern descendent of Alberto Moravia. - Michiel Dockx, Master Degree in Economics and Diplomacy from the University of Antwerp Brussels, Belgium< Less
A Different Kind of Christmas and Other Stories By Marcia Canter
Paperback: $12.00
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A Different Kind of Christmas and Other Stories will fill your heart with love and hope and make you smile. The characters in the collection of Christmas stories have experienced pain and tragedy,... More > but somehow connect with others during the Yuletide season. From a young teacher helping a veteran teacher deal with a family crisis by just listening to a veterinarian dealing with a homeless man’s newborn kitten to a family reconnecting after their son/brother’s serious injury, the characters face major challenges but experience the miracle of people helping each other. The stories will provide cheer throughout the year.< Less
The Suicide of Dandy Granger By Armani Mondragón
Paperback: $21.99
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Dandy Granger: an outcast in the village, a demon to his ma… a soul tormented and lost. Knowing he does not belong in the world that birthed him into misery, he spends his days awaiting a... More > family that does not come, enduring a life that does not end. However, after a volatile confrontation forces his hand, Dandy makes a final effort to recover the life which was stolen from him. With nowhere else to turn, he demands aid from the midwife who exiled him to this infernal existence. Joined by Vanye, whose instantaneous bond with Dandy seemingly defies explanation, the company sets out to solve the mystery of Dandy’s origins. Instead they unwittingly awaken a legend rooted in the orchards at the end of the village. To save Dandy, they must struggle against this malignant entity as it reaches beyond time and space to the beginning of all that was, as a crown falls and rises again, and as beings both benevolent and sadistic resume a harrowing battle set to rip asunder the very fabric of the cosmos.< Less
North of Albany By Mary L. Randall
Paperback: $10.00
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NORTH of ALBANY is a tale of childhood in its many incarnations. One moment sudden tragedy. The next moment surrealistic wonder. But mostly what both childhood and this marvelous novel are concerned... More > with is the act of learning about the world and the people who inhabit it, especially that group of people who so closely follows us through life - family.< Less
Imaginary Affairs By Robin Z. Arkus
Paperback: $14.99
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Life has been a wild and wonderful ride for Mallory Hill. That is, up until her husband’s sudden death, leaving her to carry on alone with the life they had created together. After months of... More > running with the wrong crowd, dating inappropriate men, and listening to conflicting advice from her gang of girlfriends, Mallory is finally ready for a major lifestyle change. With a big birthday fast approaching, she jets off to Thailand for some much needed celibacy and sobriety. But as she is just on the verge of a breakthrough, she encounters the man of her dreams. Best intentions fly out the window and romance races in through the door. Mallory’s story flits between the exotic Far East, lusty London, and the romantic south of France where she anguishes over her decisions. Is she ready to abandon her married lover, her Sugar Daddy and her Hollywood heartthrob? Impulsive passion, foolish decisions, broken promises. Will they ever end?< Less
Inky Squib 2019 By Butte College Student Creative Writing Journal
Paperback: List Price: $27.00 $13.50 | You Save: 50%
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This is a collection of student work from Butte College in Northern California. It is a collection of poetry, prose, art, and personal essays.
When Leaves Listen By Katie Feavel
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In When Leaves Listen, Dottie Noles finds her average life upended by a not-so-average disaster. The fourteen-year-old must navigate the evacuated wasteland that was once New England to transport... More > crucial information, all the while evading an unsettling swarm of humming metallic leaves. Meanwhile, in the world called Sum, an aged seer and a group of enlightened underground rebels seek to protect the worlds from Orville, a charlatan whose work is draining the spiritual lifeforce from the mountains and threatening to destroy the fantastical creatures that reside there. A self-proclaimed nobody, Dottie will suddenly become the most important somebody to save everybody… on Earth and in the world it has just collided with.< Less
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Learning To Love By Gardiner M. Weir
Paperback: $6.36
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The book reflects how a person with feelings of prejudice associated with ethnic origin experiences an unexpected grand-daughter’s ethnic connection and learns not only to set aside his bias... More > and but learns to love.< Less
Mystery at Crystal Lakes By Linda Bise
Paperback: $5.80
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Mystery at Crystal Lakes, written by Linda A. Bise, is a story of a mother and daughter's relationship as they work together to solve a mystery.
The Ranch Wife By Barbara Corn Patterson
Paperback: $17.00
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Sally was supposed to have a perfect life--a handsome husband, a beautiful child with another on the way, a dream home. That’s when she found the note, and the foundation of her perfect life... More > cracked. Lost and unsure of what she should do, Sally begins her journey to a new life. Her husband Mark fails every test of fidelity until he turns to his true love--music. When their best friend from college reappears in their lives, things are bound to get complicated. “Barbara Corn Patterson has had a rich and exciting life, and through her writing she takes her readers on journeys to places they have never been and are fast disappearing from this world.” --Joyce McCollaum, author The Last Sharecropper< Less
Man of Salt: The Story of Marcus Livius Salinator and the Battle of the Metaurus In Hannibal's War With Rome By Frank Gugino
Paperback: List Price: $18.95 $11.37 | You Save: 40%
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Merriam Press Historical Fiction. Marcus Livius, last year's war hero, is angry at the ungrateful Romans for convicting him on phony charges. Disgraced in exile, he vows never to return to Rome. Then... More > tragedy strikes home after the disaster at Cannae. A grieving Marcus plunges into depression, blaming his hubris for losing his mind, career and family. Hannibal defeats one Roman army after another, poised to conquer Rome itself. Marcus's countrymen turn to him as their last hope to avert destruction. Can Marcus overcome his anger and bitterness especially when the other consul, Nero, is the man responsible for his unjust conviction? The fate of Rome hinges on his ability to recover his senses and defeat the enemy at the Battle of the Metaurus. "In Gugino's epic novel characters are real and relatable, scenes are vivid, plot is a true page turner. Gugino's writing is powerful, invoking a constant state of intrigue. I highly recommend this book." Steven Manchester, #1 Best Selling author, The Rockin' Chair.< Less
These Stories By Todd Day
Paperback: $10.95
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(3 Ratings)
A collection of short stories, essays, poems, and plays following boys becoming men, men acting like boys, and the women caught in between.
The People's Business: A Novel By Mark J. Moore
Paperback: $20.00
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(1 Ratings)
When some of Philadelphia’s most notorious criminals are found brutally murdered, the police are baffled by the lack of evidence. The only connection between the killings - a small card... More > inscribed with a Bible passage found at each crime scene. As the assigned Homicide Detectives Gary Siscowicz and his partner Isiah Lucas dig deeper into these crimes, they realize they may be facing more than just a disgruntled citizen out for revenge...< Less
Easy Money and Other Stories By Steve Evans
Paperback: $11.50
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"In a terrifically impressive collection of short short-fictions, Steve Evans takes us on a tour of the metaphorical sinkholes of suburbia. Via his observant eye and febrile imagination, we... More > behold the mischievous and manic, the tawdry and tragic, and more. We come upon familiar scenes that then glow in a broadband delivery of hyper-realism. Second-hand books become a successful stalking strategy. A private letter-burning becomes a communal cleansing. In a final afternoon tea, a potential inheritance is consumed in gold-leaf-infused cakes. A deposit-secured wedding cake, a promised book of window paintings, a normal Bay-City tram … never arrive." ~ Moya Costello, author of 'The Office as a Boat: a chronicle'< Less
My Dear Isabella By J. Mark Wood
Paperback: $9.99
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(1 Ratings)
Sister Maria Gallo meets a tragic and mysterious end to her young life. Father Antonio Giacomo and friends seek to solve her death and in the process uncover a demonic force that may prove to be more... More > than they can handle.< Less
After the Rain By Catherine Kent
Paperback: List Price: $10.67 $9.60 | You Save: 10%
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A whirlwind romance, a long-unspoken love, heartbreak and betrayal combine in this story of a lonely woman who learns to accept herself and finds her heart’s desire. For introverted LEXI... More > DRIER, one of the top cyber-security experts in the country, career is everything. In spite of that, she manages to meet handsome investment banker JOHN CARRINGTON, who quickly charms his way into her heart. Sadly, happiness is fleeting. Lexi’s well-ordered world rapidly disintegrates when misfortune and tragedy strike at once. More than ever, Lexi is convinced that she must stand alone, and that “reasonably content” is as good as it gets. Long-time coworker BRAM TRAHERN has a better idea, determined to awaken Lexi to a richer, fuller life, he makes it his mission to rebuild her trust—and win her heart at last. Love, career, and family…After the Rain.< Less
Breckenridge Towers By David Mittler
Hardcover: List Price: $32.50 $22.75 | You Save: 30%
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In January 1857, the body of a female college student was discovered in the attic of Breckenridge Towers---the liberal arts building on the campus of Milton College---hanging from an overhead beam. ... More > Over sixty years later in January of 1920, a respected college professor was found dead, and he, like the woman in 1857, was swinging from the end of a rope in the attic of Breckenridge. The mysterious hangings were investigated by police and college authorities, and the cause of death in each case, although regrettable, was determined to be suicide. Cousins Tom and Chris Sabo, now roommates at Milton College in the fall of 1968, are intrigued with the rumored "haunting" of Breckenridge by the ghost who killed herself in 1857. Along with Sarah Rockford, a fellow freshman at Milton, they begin to search into the past, a journey which soon turns into unexpected shock and fear as the threesome confronts not only forces of the real world, but those of the supernatural.< Less
Escape Anthology By Richmond Shreve
Paperback: $18.85
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Tropical islands, small towns, and busy airports hold allure as getaways. But the promise of simple pleasures can hide unexpected perils. MONEYMAKER An elderly widow responds to a frightening... More > robocall. The ensuing conflict to recover her lost savings ensnares her son and his family in an epic fight for financial survival. DELIGHT A casual happy-hour encounter turns embarrassingly intimate for a weary business traveler. ESCAPE A prosecutor battles a jailed drug dealer’s desparate efforts to get free with murderous consequences. DUKE An independent trucker down on his luck finds his guardian angel in the unlikely guise of a Harley-riding drifter. HOLE A curious pothole appears in an old man’s driveway and grows relentlessly through the summer afternoon becoming sinister as darkness approaches.< Less
St. Aubin Towers By L. T. Muir
Paperback: $11.50
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St. Aubin Towers is a story about Detroit and many of its residents from 1921 to the present from the perspective of what was once one of Detroit’s iconic buildings. The changes that come with... More > time and neglect and a varying economy are recounted as well as the variety of people who called the apartment building home. The building struggles to interact with its residents as well as come to terms with its own decay.< Less