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The Reality of Living Within Two Worlds

ByTravis Breeding

People with Autism often create a make believe imaginary world. This book is about that imaginary world and the relationship it has Autism. In this book I share my experience with the make believe world. I will share how I use it as a coping mechanism to help get through each day. The make believe world can be a great coping mechanism. It can also be a troubling if too much time is spent in the make believe world. When I make a friend they become like my mother in my mind. I have to try and balance that with the real world. Parents often ask why their child lies about silly things like flushing the toilet after using the restroom. This book goes into detail about why that may be happening and why your child may not really be lying. You get a look inside my asperger's mind to learn more about the make believe world.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2012
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By (author): Travis Breeding



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