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Adventures and Heroes

ByAngelice BoglioBernardo T

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“Once upon a time, there was a boy…there was an astronaut…there was this person…there was this girl…there was a school…there was a little piggy wiggy…there were two kids lost in a forest…there was a child called Walnut…” Read these stories and more in Black Rock Lighthouse BYC’s Anthology! *** Some stories are begging to be told. Adventure into the minds of upcoming authors and see the wondrous tales of jealous sisters, evil principals, haunted dreams, and more. *** Heroes rise to fight evil in the world. They emerge from forests, from the sea, even outer space. Discover four epic tales of heroes as they defend the weak and innocent.


Publication Date
Jul 26, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Angelice Boglio, By (author): Bernardo T, By (author): Brianna Mateos, By (author): Christopher Ramirez, By (author): Gary Zarita, By (author): Gianna Medina, By (author): Javien Vasquez, By (author): Javilynn Vasquez, By (author): Jayden Narcisse, By (author): Jennifer Ramierez, By (author): Jezzmariah Almodovar, By (author): Kaison Wilson, By (author): Kimberly Jenkins, By (author): Michael Villanova, By (author): Moises Mateos-Gonzales, By (author): Nathan Turner, By (author): Paul Blake, By (author): Sky Zhispon, By (author): William Rodriguez, By (author): Alexandra Arevalo, By (author): Arianny Iglesias, By (author): Ayla Silva, By (author): Bree Soares, By (author): Ka'Myiah Stephenson, By (author): Kemora Clarke, By (author): Lea Colon, By (author): Nirek Thakkar, By (author): Phoenix Soto, By (author): Sara Penafiel, By (author): Sarieliz Santos, By (author): Trey Keirans, By (author): Zulay Carranza, By (author): Andry Martins, By (author): Anthony Javier, By (author): Antwone Whitehorn, By (author): Christian Gomez, By (author): Davi Ramos, By (author): Joe Sicha, By (author): Leo Arroyo, By (author): Sheldon Anderson, By (author): Trevall Cole


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Black & White
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