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Hong Kong   Revisited

Hong Kong Revisited

ByTrooper 7H

An autobiographical short story/retrospective diary about one teenager's coming of age while serving in the army in the 1950's. From his decision to enlist in the regular army in Nov 1953, rather than do his enforced National Service, to his demob in Jan 1957. It Briefly covers the period of his training in the Royal Armoured Corps at Catterick North Yorkshire to joining his Regiment at Fallingbostal Germany from March to June 1954. Then embarking for the Far East Colony of Hong Kong in the August of that year. However,the main part of the book dwells on those two years service in Hong Kong during the Colonial days of the 1950's. How he matured from sexually naïve youth to experienced young man and in the process learned that true sexual pleasure existed in the art of giving pleasure to your partner thereby heightening one's own. Then finally finding real love with a beautiful 17year old Chinese girl towards the end of his army tour and on leaving for England to be demobbed promising to return.


Publication Date
Oct 2, 2011
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Trooper 7H



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