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A Hill To Die On: How To Win Back America | Man Up!

ByTucker Senter

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A Hill To Die On: How To Win Back America Now! is a political issue centered book written by Tucker Senter, and published in 2021. It was self published through Lulu Press. The book covers a broad range of topic from race to climate change. It marked Senter's 3rd published book. Coming out at the beginning of his rise. In This book we will explore the world. Its a mess, marked by bad politicians and big tech. It is about time for somebody to do something. WBAN (Win Back America Now!) started in the fall of 2020 to combat election fraud and the COVID-19 pandemic. Much like the scope of American politics, WBAN has grown. I'm not going to play the games many people in politics play. If people dislike me, so be it. It's time America was put first. Its time America once again was America. A place where people can thrive no matter gender or race. I talk about the failing push to promote climate change. The war of Christianity. And, first and for most, how to Win Back America Now! The United States of America is over 200 years old now, but it's story is just getting started. Over the years we have proven we are a nation not be messed with. We defeated Japan and the Nazis. We liberated countries, and have freed captive prisoners. Now, the war is back home. The propaganda is being promoted online and on television. This is the hill I want to die on. This is are last stand to Win Back America Now! So, what do you say? Are you going to act, and save America from dangerous hands. Stand up, and stand with me. Peacefully protest, shout, and yell. Make your beautiful voices herd. Theirs a reason protesters sang praises to America. We are a bacon of hope. Proof a land can be free. But America needs to be put first now. It's time to drain the swamp. It is time to Win Back America Now! Contains the unreleased book, Man Up!


Publication Date
Jan 21, 2022
Personal Growth
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By (author): Tucker Senter


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