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The Mind As Physics

ByU. Notmi

Simple, not impressive, yet, powerful and truthful, this article is intended to highlight the main points of The Physics of the Mind, in a concise and scientific format, without story elements, demonstrations, and too many details. This focused presentation makes it easier to see the rationale and the consistency of the arguments. The aim is to provide a feasible solution to the way all mental contents emerge in the brain, based on its major characteristics. In order to accomplish this aim, we need to accept that our normal perception is biased, detail clearly its biases and build the solution (the model of the mind) accordingly. In this tricky path, there is only one rule from which one must not deviate: All facts, aspects and arguments must fit together uncompromisingly, leaving no gaps. Thus, in spite of the inferred biases, the true solution can be found, as presented herein.


Publication Date
Nov 27, 2019
Science & Medicine
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By (author): U. Notmi



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