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FM 21-76 Survival, Evasion, and Recovery: Multiservice Procedures for Survival, Evasion and Recovery

ByU.S. Army

"Eels are excellent eating" "There is as much danger of sunburn on cloudy days as on sunny days" "About 75 percent of the earth's surface is covered by water, about 70 percent being oceans and seas." The book is very straightforward with many pictures and user-friendly illustrations, written in easy to understand language. This is just some of the survival information that this book provides: All-climates: arctic, tropics, temperate forest, savannah or desert. All-terrain survival tactics. The Will to Survive. Identify poisonous snakes, as well as edible and non-edible plants. Survival Medicine. Wilderness medicine. Techniques on first aid. Survival in the hottest or coldest of climates. Survival Planning. Make polluted water potable. How to find water. Ways to trap and collection techniques of water. Covers navigation and compass use. Find direction using the sun and stars. Weapons and Tools. Recognizing signs of land when lost at sea. Building life-saving shelters. Traps and snares. How to prepare wild game to be cooked also preserving food. All types of fire making. Water Crossings. Find direction using the sun and stars. Physical and mental fitness. Disaster preparedness. The most proven and field tested military techniques, documented by the U.S military and used for official training, The U.S. Army Survival Manual provides step by step instruction and illustrations for surviving outdoors-- survival skills every soldier, climber, hiker, and hunter should know.


Publication Date
Jun 12, 2020
Some Rights Reserved - Creative Commons (CC BY)
By (author): U.S. Army




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