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On Lenin's Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky

ByThomas RigginsV. I. Lenin

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Thomas Riggins draws sharp lines between the democracy of the people -- the downtrodden, the spat upon, the humiliated -- and Kautsky's liberal conception of peace between the oppressors and the oppressed. "Communist" misleadership today intentionally misinterprets these Marxist fundamentals, tasking us, the militant rank and file, to wage internal party struggle to right the ship. - Danny Shaw, professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, author of 365 Days of Resistance: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants In On Lenin’s Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky, we find a timely commentary and contextualization of Lenin’s historic text. Dr. Riggins concisely explores Lenin’s polemic with Kautsky and draws important homologies to the communist leadership of today, especially in the West. It is an essential read for all communists struggling against a moribund capitalist-imperialism in the belly of the beast. - Carlos L. Garrido, Co-Director of the Midwestern Marx Institute, author of The Purity Fetish and the Crisis of Western Marxism and Marxism and the Dialectical Materialist Worldview. Thomas Riggins shows us that Marxism is not a lifeless dogma but a living theory by analyzing the work of the great Lenin and revealing its relevance for the modern-day struggle. - Edward Liger Smith, Co-Director of the Midwestern Marx Institute Every revolutionary era has its counter-revolutionaries who masquerade as Marxists and Communists. Lenin eviscerates the counter-revolutionary distortions of his era and of Karl Kautsky in particular in The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky. Dr. Riggins carries on the tradition in this modern exposition of that classic text, explaining the blatant opportunism and liberalism of our contemporary fake left. Another nail in the coffin of the last era and another step forward into a bright, revolutionary future for the USA. - Noah Khrachvik, Co-Director of the Midwestern Marx Institute


Publication Date
Dec 24, 2023
Social Science
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By (author): Thomas Riggins, By (author): V. I. Lenin


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