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Two Tactics of Social-Democracy in the Democratic Revolution

Two Tactics of Social-Democracy in the Democratic Revolution

ByV. I. LeninThomas Riggins

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Russia is on the verge of a bourgeois revolution. The tsar is losing power and credibility by the day. The people of the nation are frothing at the mouth for change that will save their lives. Feudalism is breathing its last breath. However, the revolutionary movement is split in two. On one side stand the socialist revolutionaries, one-half of the Social-Democrats, and on the other side stand the reactionaries, the other half of the Social-Democrats. Before the party lies two paths. The path of least resistance to the capitalist bourgeoisie and the path of total worker control of society, socialism. Which path do the people want? Which path will the party choose? In this fiery polemic work, Lenin makes clear his argument. There must be a deviously clever strategy, but it must not stop at the bourgeois revolution. It must charge ahead to socialism! To complete freedom for the proletariat! His points are concise and clear. His criticism is sharp and cutting. He wastes no time and saves no feelings. His words ring ever true as they echo through time solemnly warning us of the dangers, he faced himself. Will we listen? Which path will we take? There are two tactics. One must be chosen. This copy also includes a detailed commentary on Lenin’s text by lifelong communist Thomas Riggins. This commentary expertly analyzes the text from 1905 and provides a parallel to modern-day American Marxist politics. It is a must-read for all radicals.


Publication Date
Jun 13, 2024
Social Science
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By (author): V. I. Lenin, Commentaries by: Thomas Riggins


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