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“Think like a Pro, Act like a Champion”; most powerful Poker Hold'em Cash Games strategies

ByVictor Velescu

“Think like a Pro, Act like a Champion” book contains the most powerful and efficient strategies for Texas Hold’em Poker No-Limit Cash Games. These ideas and strategies were developed along almost 2 years, during which I studied in detail players tendencies and behaviors from Micro and Small Stakes to create a compact book based on deep thoughts that can easily be understood by beginners and intermediates. I am proud to say now that after all my experience and my work, this book can very easy help anyone to have a strong, solid play but only with some patience and desire to learn. “Think like a Pro, Act like a Champion” contain: - Optimum strategies street by street for Flop, Turn, River with different scenarios, different actions according to our opponents; - A simple and very easy to understand math that explains how to spy most profitable spots; - A psychology section; - Some nutrition tips cause nutrition plays a big role in our decision-making and help our power of concentration.


Publication Date
Nov 26, 2013
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Victor Velescu



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