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The Meaning of Life ... (and other trivialities)

The Meaning of Life ... (and other trivialities)

ByVictor Zelikovsky

The “Way of Knowledge”: Eastern tradition teaches that there are several ‘yogas’ or ways of reunion with the divine. People in the West have the greatest natural affinity to ‘Jnana Yoga’, the ‘way of knowledge’. The most recent discoveries of physics, cosmology and morphogenetics reveal the nature of reality and the universe in a way which is accessible to the western mind. The Author shows how this information harmonizes with the deeper teachings of mankind’s spiritual traditions to reveal clear answers to the basic questions of life. Some of the topics covered: Cosmology and the Nature of the Universe, The Universal Presence of Life, The Nature of ‘God’ and Reality; of our Consciousness & the Consciousness of the Universe, The question of Good and Evil, The Meaning of Life, Life and Death, Heaven and Hell, Time and Eternity, Christ Consciousness and the Buddha Nature, Morphogenesis and the ‘Mystery of Christ’ …


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Victor Zelikovsky



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