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When Her Lesbian Friend Starts to Bully Her for Fun

ByVince Stead

Kelly told Lisa that she wanted her as her personal servant, and that should be this way for the rest of the semester, or she would turn her in to the dean. Of course Lisa said yes, she really had no choice whatever Kelly asked for. Kelly started talking nasty to Lisa. She told her she owned her now, and she was going to be her bitch. The first order Kelly gave to Lisa was she wanted her to bring all her clothing out to her bedroom, she wanted to inspect and pick out all her clothing, and she was planning on donating all the ones she did not like. She had planned on making Lisa into her own private bimbo slut she could play with, and tease, and torment, and humiliate all she wanted, she was getting a rush just thinking of all the power she held over her rich friend now. After Lisa got all her clothing together, Kelly made her try on all the ones she liked. She picked out 5 skirts, and several sheer to see thru blouses she had, and then bagged up the rest of her clothing.


Publication Date
Nov 4, 2014
Social Science
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Vince Stead



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