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The Holy Gospel of Saint Mark - the Catholic Apologetics Version

The Holy Gospel of Saint Mark - the Catholic Apologetics Version

ByVincent Lewis

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Are YOU aware that the Bible is---and always has been---an inherently Catholic Book? Did you know that it can not be understood separated from Catholicism? If YOU are like most people, both Catholics and non-Catholics, then you probably need this series of books to learn these facts. They are finally available. These books are not your ordinary Bible commentary. These are not vague “spiritual guides;” they are not boring academic textbooks. Each one in the series is a tough, direct, clear and demanding analysis. This series will enable you to identify exactly where, and how, Bible verses support Catholic teachings. Each installment in the series presents to you an almost verse-by-verse sequential analysis of one book of the New Testament. The series is a tool that YOU can use as a shield against attacks, and as a sword to defeat opponents of the one true Faith. You will find virtually EVERY Catholic doctrine in passages that you may have read or heard many times.


Publication Date
Sep 19, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Vincent Lewis


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Interior Color
Black & White
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