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Lewis on lewis The REAL C.S. Lewis

Lewis on lewis The REAL C.S. Lewis

ByVincent P. Lewis

Almost everyone knows of C. S. Lewis, many people have read his books, and a large number of Catholics recommend and approve of him as one of the "greatest Christian writers of our time." THE TRUTH IS . . . LEWIS OPPOSED CHRISTIANITY; DISMISSED TRUTH AS HAVING ANY VALUE; AND LIED OPENLY CONCERNING ESSENTIAL CHRISTIAN DOCTRINES. Yet Lewis does this so skillfully that few Catholics (if any) noticed his active opposition to Catholicism. How did he manage this massive deception? Take up and read. This book examines the most popular works of Lewis, and simply subjects them to objective analysis. C. S. Lewis is skilled and talented, but evil. This book will expose him and destroy forever his "reputation." More than this, Lewis on lewis will serve as a textbook in instructing you how to evaluate any religious writer, and give you a better understanding of what real Christianity (i.e. Catholicism) is. This book is necessary for our times, and long overdue.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Vincent P. Lewis



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