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Black Boy Kings, Rulers, Warriors, and Nobles

Black Boy Kings, Rulers, Warriors, and Nobles

The Making of Majesty

ByVirtue Publishing

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Black boys? We often hear about the woes, troubles, and turmoil in the lives of these little men. Many in this world today want to make sure that little black boys know only what their perceived lives look like, through the eyes of others. I am specifically talking about the eyes of others, who, deep down inside, despise these little men. People of all races, colors, and creeds, including other black people. It is important to establish, and call out the fact that the world views them as despicable, which is evident by the desire to keep them in a perpetual state of youth, thus why the enslavers referred to them as 'boy' even when they came of age. They desire to keep them at a low state and will do it by any means necessary. Any means necessary? Yes, lies, deceit, trickery, sorcery, deceptive commentary, mind control, manipulation, and temptation. All of this is used, starting at a very young age, to turn the minds, and hearts of little black boys, so that they can grow to be adult, depraved men. The goal of the powers of darkness is to control every aspect of their lives until they no longer have an original thought of their own. Living and surviving off of implanted thoughts that have been embedded through mind-control and manipulation, is the result of a very targeted effort to do so. This is why we see the confusion, and dysfunction that is out of control, and going in a downward spiral to destruction. It is very detrimental at this point that parents, families, educational systems, clergy, or whoever has influence in a child's life, try to recognize the battle against these young impressionable minds. It is everyone's job to make the best impression, and be the best influence you can be on those you come in contact with.


Publication Date
Aug 2, 2022
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By (author): Virtue Publishing


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