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School of Balkan Folk Music for Accordion

ByVlada Veselinović

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Textbook for learning how to play and improve the technique of playing Balkan folk music on the accordion + sheet music for the 31 kolo and oro songs from the Balkans. The book features detailed explanations for playing all styles of folk music from the Balkans on the accordion. It includes texts, examples and exercises, technique, all fingering rules, ornamentation in all Balkan music styles, playing bass and synchronizing hands (starting with simple metres 2/4 and 3/4, then more complex rhythms such as oriental, rumba, and mixed metres characteristic of the music of Macedonia, Bulgaria and southern Serbia: 5/16, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8, 13/8 etc). It also contains complete scores for 31 kolo and oro songs from Šumadija, Southern and Vlach regions in Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania. The sheet music includes the ornamentation, harmony, as wel as the complete fingering for piano accordion. CONTENTS: PREFACE, 1. PLAYING TECHNIQUE, 1.1 PROPER HAND PLACEMENT, 1.2 FINGERING, 1.3 ARTICULATION AND PRODUCTION (REPRODUCTION) OF NOTES, 1.4 ADDITIONAL EXERCISES TO STRENGTHEN ALL FIVE FINGERS, 2. ORNAMENTS IN BALKAN FOLK MUSIC, 2.1 INTRODUCTION TO ORNAMENTATION, 2.2 TYPES OF ORNAMENTS IN THE BALKAN FOLK MUSIC, 2.3 PERFORMANCE ASPECT OF ORNAMENT USE, 2.4 ORNAMENTATION AND FINGERINGS, 2.5 TECHNICAL EXERCISES FOR ORNAMENTS, 2.6 ORNAMENTATION - GENERAL TIPS, 3. RHYTHMS AND BASS PLAYING IN BALKAN FOLK MUSIC, 3.1 TYPES OF RHYTHMS AND BASS PLAYING IN BALKAN FOLK MUSIC, 3.2 PLAYING BAS FIGURES, 4. PLAYING COMPOSITIONS IN ENTIRETY, 4.1 PRACTICAL ADVICE, 4.2 SEVERAL REMARKS REGARDING SCORES - NOTATION OF THE COMPOSITIONS, ČUKARIČKO KOLO, KAČERAC KOLO, BISERKA KOLO, STARA ŠAPČANKA KOLO, KOLUBARSKI VEZ, MILOŠEVSKO KOLO, PARAĆINKA KOLO, MORAVAC, DŽUMBUS KOLO (RAZGOVOR HARMONIKA), UŽIČKO KOLO, RUMENKA KOLO, BANJSKI ČAČAK, ČAČAK, STARA VLAJNA, VLAJNICA KOLO, VLAJNA, BUGARKA, PEMBE, ORO GAJDE, PAJDUŠKO ORO, KARAVLAŠKO ORO, GEORGIEVO ORO, ORO 18/8, GANKINO HORO, KRIVO SADOVSKO HORO, VARNENSKA DEVETKA (SOFIJSKI ČOČEK), HORA CALTUNARILOR, GEAMPARALELE DIN BARLAD, SIRBA (RUMUNSKA IGRA), HORA DINSPRE ZIUA, SARBA DE LA PITESTI, ABOUT THE AUTHOR.


Publication Date
Dec 10, 2019
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By (author): Vlada Veselinović


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)

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