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An Introduction to the Study of the Tarot

ByPaul Foster CaseVoyen Koreis (editor)

For six centuries Tarot cards have been used in Europe, ostensibly for games and fortune telling, but really to preserve the essentials of a secret doctrine. They form a symbolic alphabet of the ancient wisdom, and to their influence upon the minds of a few enlightened thinkers we may trace the modern revival of interest in that wisdom. The aim of this book is to show readers how to use the Tarot and how to understand the Kabbalistic and numerological correspondences of the Tarot cards to the letters of Hebrew alphabet and the Sephirotic paths of the Kabbalah. The book offers a concise explanation of the general plan of the Tarot, and a brief interpretation of its emblems, which the student must complete through own observation and meditation. The author says that there is a definite manner in which to approach the study of the Tarot cards, even as there are tunnels that lead to the heart of a gold mine and he provides a map of the mine. The treasure you must dig out for yourselves.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Paul Foster Case, By (author): Voyen Koreis (editor)



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