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Engineering America's New Franken-GOVERNMENT And SEDS The State Engineered Designer Society

ByW. D. Raymondson

In any political infrastructure there is a spectrum of politics that spans from freedom to tyranny and from anarchy to authoritarianism. Somewhere, toward the center of that spectrum is the balance between personal freedoms and civil liberties and government control and managerial effectiveness. To most people, politics is an enigmatic and shadowy realm of unethical politicians who are only interested in grabbing a bundle of ‘loot’ for themselves. Yet hope springs eternal and within that paradigm, there lies a myth that there are actually ‘honest’ Politicians who are committed to ethical conduct and serving the people. The sad and inconvenient truth is that Politics is not about service, either to the masses or to the state, it is only about partisan agendas and the accumulation of possessions, power, dominance and control by special interest groups…either through persistent accumulations and guile or by sudden seizures and force. Consequently, all political agendas and goals are designed to evolve into their most aggressive and potent form. Engineering America's New 'FrankenGovernment' Investigates how Left Wing radicals are changing the Balance-Of-Power in America... and creating a virtual Franken-GOVERNMENT.


Publication Date
Jan 21, 2021
Social Science
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By (author): W. D. Raymondson



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