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Toxic Expansion Within a Finite Econosphere

ByW. D. Raymondson

Our planet is being consumed and decimated in order to sustain an exploding population of consumers that is expected to reach 12 Billion by the turn of the century. The purpose of the 'Finite-EconoSphere' Postulate is to gain a better understanding into the Toxic Effects of runaway expansionism that is driving Mankind past the reasonable limits of Civilization and planetary capacity. So, why is Civilization is expanding itself toward extinction? The answer is as simple as it is unnerving…Humanity is racing toward a ‘Doomsday Destiny’ because it must. The entire machinery of Civilization runs on competitive survival behaviors…irrational, compulsive, Primordial Survivalism. So like any other species in the jungle Man is trying to overwhelm every other competitor with a strategy of aggressive expansionism. However, if the expansion of Civilization is compulsive and unavoidable, the question then arises as to what happens when we run out of expansion resources or opportunities?


Publication Date
May 4, 2014
Business & Economics
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By (author): W. D. Raymondson



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