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It's Life

(but not as you know it)

ByWayne Norcliffe

I've been seeking the 'truth' for many decades now and as part of that have been researching various factors of our lives on this planet, including religions, spirituality, Humanism and philosophy. As part of this search I've studied these doctrines and beliefs, coming to the conclusion that we are missing the point of our existence on this planet. In this book I hope to show readers the true path to enlightenment. In the book we'll break down life into it's simplest form, i.e. why are we here and how do we find our 'True Purpose'. Yes I realise this is a big claim, but on the other hand it's not. I mean life itself and our reason for being here seems to me to be very simple, we just complicate it. Having studied lots of different doctrines, religions, philosophies, Wayne concluded that they all have the same message but tell that message in different ways based upon the time of writing, delivery methods available and audience for the message. As such the message has been adapted by those who wish to use the message for their own ends. So in this book I've tried to keep things simple and focus on our True Purpose and how we find that. The book includes a training program and 30 day exercise course to help people build the mental habits required to achieve their desires. Contributor Notes (430 / 2500) Wayne Norcliffe Master Proj. Mngt. FRICS, FCABE is from Manchester in England where he was brought up in the 1960's/70's on a tough Council Estate environment. Leaving school with no qualifications, Wayne began his search (albeit didn't realise it had begun for at least another 20 years, for the truth. Since leaving school Wayne has become a highly qualified professional in his field and runs a successful business in the UK.


Publication Date
Nov 9, 2022
Personal Growth
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By (author): Wayne Norcliffe



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