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Three From Bradford

ByWes Boyd

Three short novels from the Bradford Exiles: Dodging Mom: Racially exotic Sonja Lambert holds dual citizenship. Her mother, an Israeli Army officer, shows up expecting Sonja to do her duty in the Israeli army. Sonja has no choice but to hide with her boyfriend Scott Tyler's family. It's not be best circumstances for a romance, but when things get moving quickly things take some unexpected turns! Peeking Over the Fence: At the Bradford Class of 1988 tenth reunion Scott and Sonja Tyler are surprised to meet Dr. Eve McClellan -- previously named Denis. The upcoming Halloween party is a perfectly good excuse to explore a little of what it's like on the other side of the gender fence. With A Little Help: Pat McDonald is headed for the Gulf War in 1990 when he meets a classmate, Cindy Yeager. It turns into a one-night stand. Cindy winds up going back to Russ, and years later they ask Pat to help them out at time of intense personal sorrow. He agrees, with long and profound consequences.


Publication Date
Aug 22, 2013
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Wes Boyd



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