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Critique of Natural Language - Human Being the species that begat itself a future

ByWillem Ernst van der Roest

Have you ever wondered how we succeeded in developing our everyday natural language? Or how we became free from our instinctual bondage? This book will give you a possible answer. It takes the reader along on an exciting and adventurous journey to the reality of primate groups, slowly changing into that of humanids, meanwhile closing the gap that has existed for so long between nature and nurture, or between instinct and thought or between is and ought, or between concrete and virtual. The journey is hypothetical and imaginative and ends in a promising theory explaining the emergence of a natural language in humankind; a theory that stands on the shoulders of giants like Freud, Girard and Kant. For the reader who is not afraid of the depths of reflections when looking into the mirror of his or her humanity, this journey will provide new suggestive perspectives.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Education & Language
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By (author): Willem Ernst van der Roest



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