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Catholic Statements

Catholic Statements

Christ and His Teachings

ByWilliam DeTucci

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Catholic Statements deserves to be in everyman’s library, from the layman, to the scholar, theologian, historian, Catholic, and non-Catholic alike. Imagine a book that thoroughly but quickly sweeps through 2000 years of Catholic Teaching from Christ, to the Apostles, to the Popes, to the Councils, to the Church Fathers & Doctors, and the Saints that weigh upon man’s conscience today? Moreover, within you will find reliable sources, over 100 Illustrations, and an index. In addition, the citations have been carefully selected to help people trying to live a Catholic life and to live it more faithfully in these dark and grim days and to assist with those that want to understand what the Church teaches officially on the Catholic faith. Furthermore, it also answers the most common and fundamental objections to Catholicism today by many so-called Traditional-Catholics and Liberals that reject, deny, or doubt, or, who are simply unaware of the true Teachings of the Church on these controversial teachings at hand. Lastly, it gives spiritual-ammunition to those that want to defend, love, hold, and cherish the Catholic faith from heresies and assaults from within and without the Church by knowing exactly what the Church teaches officially on these matters. Some of the subjects covered are: Freemasonry, Usury, Circumcision, Natural Family Planning (NFP), the Flat Earth, the Necessity of Christ and His Church for Salvation, the Liturgy, praying with non-Catholics, female altar servers, can a pope become a heretic, the antichrist, and much more.


Publication Date
Sep 23, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): William DeTucci


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