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What Is the Cause of School Shootings, Bullying & Fake News, Crimes Against Humanity, Poverty & High Taxes, the New Arms Race & All My Problems? - How to Change Your World

ByWilliam Eastwood

Is there chaos in your world? Do you want to know the answer to all problems? Do you want success and wealth? William Eastwood, the founder of Internal Science, International Philosophy, the Inner UN and the Altruistic Movement, presents a way to change your world. Eastwood show you how to change your world and all the problems in it. Eastwood began his one-of-a-kind study at age 12, and for over 45 years tested the application of the holographic theory of consciousness, largely a result of the work of the 20th century physicist, David Bohm. Bohm was a friend of Einstein and was awarded his Doctorate by J. Robert Oppenheimer himself. Out of his five decade long study he developed internal science and international philosophy. It may sound like magic, but it is really just quantum mechanics translated into a simple set of easy to understand methods to change your world. If a magic genie appeared from a magic lamp to grant you unlimited wishes, what would you ask for? If the universe was your catalog, what would you order? This sounds like fantasy, but not according to Eastwood. “When you understand the law of attraction and know how to apply it, you can have anything you want no matter what it is or how big it is.” The secret has only been concealed recently in history. Prior to the industrial revolution it was better known. “When the movie, ‘The Secret,’ came out, I had already been aware of and applying The Secret for over two decades. I already understood all the principles mentioned in the movie and more. I was a forerunner and was learning how to apply the principles first hand in real life situations.” — William Eastwood. “The reason for all our problems is simple: We are using the wrong approach based on physicalism and it doesn’t work. You can achieve any goal and solve any problem easily if you use the right methods. The right methods are conveyed in this book.” — William Eastwood. This is an extensive book with simple guidelines for applying the secret law of attraction to manifest what you want. This is Eastwood's latest, most advanced work. Make every day like Christmas morning with this fantastic, one of a kind book. This book incredibly reveals the solution to school shootings, bullying, fake news, crimes against humanity, poverty, high taxes, the new arms race and more. Best of all, it tells you how to change your world! Add this amazing book to your best book collection and change your world forever.


Publication Date
Jan 6, 2020
Personal Growth
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By (author): William Eastwood



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