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You Are a Beautiful Person - The First Key to Freedom

You Are a Beautiful Person - The First Key to Freedom

ByWilliam Eastwood

How did a thirteen-year-old kid manage to retain a Yale University professor’s request to work on the design of a secret invention at a private research facility? ...on his own without anyone helping him? “It was because at age 12, I applied a simple principle,” says William Eastwood. “At age 12 I was a shy ‘nobody.’ I had no advantages. I was introverted, and I had no help. Yet, my goal was realized because the worldview I applied worked like magic. I was just out of middle school, and I was interviewed by the press and my miracle-like achievements covered the front page of our newspaper. By age 18 I had a contract with the American Supply Company. At the Capitol of the constitution state the eyes of the world were on me. By the time I was 22, I owned three large historic homes on the coast of Maine.” Get the single-most important key to liberate yourself from all limitations. At $3.99, this is your best option to test “a philosophy that works like magic” without spending a lot of money. This great book is also loaded with simple, easy to understand, often uncommon practical insights. Open to any page, read a few lines, and that’s all you need to do to transform your day. Apply the overall philosophy and you can create miracles! Imagine a life in which you can do anything you want because you are no longer hindered in any way whatsoever. Eastwood also designed this book to be a gift to help people. If you are an altruistic person and want to help someone, rather than sending those you know a holiday card, give them a gift. Send them this book instead. Send it to any lucky person as a Christmas gift, or on any holiday, birthday or day you want to be made special and memorable forever. You may just change the life of anyone you send it to. This book does contain the single most important secret. It contains a secret that can be used to create multiple miracles and to liberate anyone from any situation or limiting factor, as it did for Eastwood at age 12. Get this book now and add it to your best-book collection.


Publication Date
Mar 21, 2019
Personal Growth
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By (author): William Eastwood



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