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Fantasia No. 1 (Suite): IV. Bossa Nova Caprice for Jazz Ensemble: Hummingbird (Beija-flor) (Score)

ByWilliam Rippey

This is the score for Hummingbird (Beija-flor), the fourth movement of the Fantasia No. 1 Suite. Although adapted from the Tango Reverie for Piano, this work explores new territory through the use of bossa nova rhythms and a jazz type development of principal themes to create a contrapuntal mélange of melodies and countermelodies. Rigidity in the vibes part is used to capture the sense of hovering and sudden movement, while rapidly repetitive percussion suggests the high speed fluttering of the wings. An easygoing bass and graceful and whimsical countermelodies in the guitar part invoke the overall shimmering character. The saxophone part is intended to convey the emotional response to viewing this interesting spectacle. The Portuguese name is included in the title because of its descriptive meaning: Flower Kisser. To listen to an excerpt or purchase the mp3 audio file, click on the second link at the left of the Spotlight page. As usual, any feedback, artistic or technical, would be greatly appreciated.


Publication Date
Jul 14, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): William Rippey



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