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Acts of an Apostle

ByWinner Torborg

Basically, I tell you about what God has been doing for me Because of one decisive move that I made. I decided to take God at His Word and dedicate myself to the tithe. Ever since then I have grown spiritually, financially and mentally as well as physically. I also tell you of some things that I have learned from my own studies in the Bible. Sure, I have had pastors and teachers, but they didn't teach me everything that I needed to learn. So, the Lord had me study the Bible for myself. I included The second mini-book that I had printed over 20 years ago, revised because I had learn quite a bit since then. Everyone is eventually going to know your true motives. God already knows them. Flashy talk will not hide your true motives. Fancy clothes and a proper job will not cover them. A humble personality will not hide them. Going to church will not hide them. The real you, the you on the inside, will come shining through. So why try to be someone you’re not? God already knows who you are.


Publication Date
Feb 7, 2015
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Winner Torborg



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