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Let's Visit Panoramic Tel Aviv

ByWorl Traveler

Let's Visit Panoramic Tel Aviv. A fairly new city in Israel, but with interesting and historic architecture, nonetheless. From entering Israel at the sprawling Ben Gurion Airport and its massive Arrivals Hall, to highway skylines and inner city landscapes, Tel Aviv has excitement from east to west, north to south. Hotels, government buildings, and private companies have built huge buildings, from modern building materials, glass that reflects the beauty of the neighborhoods that they are in! Street Art is monumental. Tel Aviv is on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, and Alma Beach maintains historic landmarks, from the Clock Tower, to Mahmudiyya Mosque, with panoramic views of the Sea. The Azrieli Mall is massive horizontally, as well as vertically! Old Tel Aviv is being preserved in the shadow of new Tel Aviv, with new skyscrapers rising above, and new office and retail being built behind existing facades. Enjoy!


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Jul 3, 2020
Travel & Adventure
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By (author): Worl Traveler



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