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Spyoptaelip the Cryptic

ByJack SussWyman Wicket

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Waking life presents many possibilities for varied experiences. Add to these some seemingly impossible detours into the imaginal realm, to include bumping up with large-looming, fictionalized, alter ego doppelgangers. Then counterpoise these as red pill adventures way beyond the normative world and you’re ready to taste the pungent, savory stew served up in Spyoptaelip the Cryptic. It opens with glimpses into some fantastical soul regression journeys of one Amos Lammon. Amos had agreed to undertake a covert family assignment from his grandfather that would affect his life in odd ways. He’s interested in so many things: God, current events, the Q phenomenon, the secret space program… His devotion to his faith and to his family name guide him steadily through a mad house, a spiritual house of mirrors, ending in a surprisingly beautiful denouement. Almost by accident, his life’s work established something of a royal family line with staying power, lasting down through End Times and on into the Millennium (and beyond). Three centuries later, Amos’s spiritual heir discovers his own calling as an historian while uncovering Amos and his dynamic work. It becomes a journey of self, and of past and future history, as he discovers the workings of the McGyre Group, set in motion by Amos’s tenacious undertakings. Through those centuries Spyoptaelip the Cryptic flits, barely noticeable or even alive, really, in the normative sense. He’s more of a noospheric legend—a patron saint of identity seekers, one might say. Herein is found a synchromystic soul presence voyaging through time and space reincarnations. The “suits of clothes” worn by a soul in each lifetime come from a portmanteau whose bodily raiment reveal the semiotics of iconic images, signs, and symbols recurring in successive ages. Shamanic-like traces are to be found in the record, in writings, books and photographs supporting the history of people’s free will, of human actions taken within a complex adaptive system. Journey along through Suss and Wicket’s joint creation, Spyoptaelip the Cryptic.


Publication Date
May 1, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Jack Suss, By (author): Wyman Wicket


Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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