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Assessment & Inquiry-Based Science Education: Issues in Policy and Practice

ByWynne Harlen

In recent years there has been a rapid expansion of interest in inquiry-based science education (IBSE). Classroom and laboratory practices and materials which encourage students to take an active part in making sense of events and phenomena in the world around are being promoted and developed through pilot projects in countries across the globe. Embracing IBSE recognises its potential to enable students to develop the concepts, skills, attitudes and interests needed for life in societies increasingly dependent on applications of science. IBSE also engenders reflection on the thinking processes and learning strategies that are necessary for continued learning throughout life. There are, however, many challenges in implementing IBSE. Central among these is the assessment of students’ learning since this has a strong influence on what is taught and how it is taught. This book aims to ensure that assessment practices reflect the principles and goals of IBSE and serve to help as well as to report learning.


Publication Date
Mar 13, 2013
Education & Language
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By (author): Wynne Harlen



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